Unseen Passage with MCQ Class 10 Sample Paper 2023-24 – As a High School Student

After reading the given passage, many of you can relate to it. This discursive passage talks about the challenges faced by a beginner in understanding the intended meaning of a poem. The writer here uses the metaphor rollercoaster ride for this tough reading experience.

Let’s dive into it and test our knowledge through the questions asked at the end of the unseen passage.

As a high school student, studying poetry can be a rollercoaster ride. discursive passage

As a high school student studying poetry can be a rollercoaster ride

(1) As a high school student, studying poetry can be a rollercoaster ride. This journey is punctuated by moments of profound appreciation for simpler pieces and intermittent frustration with more complex works. Let’s be real here -some poems are just plain confusing and no amount of re-reading seems to help decipher the intended meaning. The puzzlement that results from such instances can be both vexing and demotivating. If solving a riddle is what was intended, then playing Sudoku is a better option. One is led to ponder if obscurity was the goal.

(2) Conversely, some pieces resonate with the reader’s soul. stirring feelings of warmth, happiness, and connection to the world. Often, these compositions centre on themes that are universally understood, such as love, nature, or faith. Being able actually to understand what the poet is trying to say can feel like a little victory and is a welcome relief after grappling with more perplexing poetry.

(3) Then there are poems that are emotionally charged; the ones that make the reader curl up in a ball and cry or jump up and down with joy. One is left in awe of the poet’s ability to convey emotion through words. Let’s not forget the downright weird poems. These are the ones that defy categorization and leave the reader to their own devices in attempting to interpret meaning. The author’s use of figurative language and unconventional imagery can create a sense of bewilderment that is either intriguing or off-putting. Regardless, the reader can appreciate the uniqueness of the work.

(4) Despite the wide range of emotions and reactions that come with studying poetry, it can be a rewarding pursuit. Not only does reading poetry allow one to appreciate the artistic beauty of the written word but also enables one to develop crucial critical thinking and analytical skills. The process of unlocking a poem’s meaning can feel like cracking a code or solving a puzzle but the sense of accomplishment derived from mastering a challenging piece can be deeply gratifying. Finally, impressing an English teacher with a well-analysed poem can be a source of pride and validation.

(5) Overall, studying poetry is like a box of mixed chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. But whether it’s complex, emotional, simple, or just downright weird, there’s always something to be gained from experience. So, let’s applaud all the poets out there, for making us laugh, cry, scratch our heads, and occasionally feel like a genius.
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Main WordEnglish MeaningHindi Meaning
PoetryLiterary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideasकविता
Rollercoaster rideA situation that involves abrupt and extreme changesतेज़ उतार-चढ़ाव वाला झूला
ProfoundIntense; having great depth or seriousnessगहरा या गंभीर
IntermittentOccurring at irregular intervalsरुक रुक कर
FrustrationA feeling of disappointment or discouragementनिराशा
DecipherTo interpret or decode something that is difficult to understandसमझना
PuzzlementConfusion or bewildermentउलझन
VexingCausing annoyance or frustrationतंग करने वाला
DemotivatingCausing a loss of motivation or enthusiasmउत्साह कम करने वाला
ObscurityThe state of being unclear or difficult to understandअस्पष्टता
ResonateTo produce a positive feeling or response in someoneमेल खाना
SoulThe spiritual or emotional part of a personआत्मा
WarmthA feeling of comfort, kindness or affectionगर्मजोशी
ConnectionA relationship or association with someone or somethingजुड़ाव
UniversallyApplicable or understood by everyoneसब जगह
CrucialExtremely important or necessaryआवश्यक
Critical thinkingThe ability to analyze information objectively and make reasoned judgmentsसमालोचनात्मक सोच
Analytical skillsThe ability to break down complex information into smaller parts to understand it betterविश्लेषणात्मक कौशल
UnlockingTo solve or uncover something that is difficult to understand or accessखोलना
CodeA system of words, letters, or symbols used to represent a messageकोड
Sense of accomplishmentA feeling of satisfaction or pride in completing a difficult taskसम्पन्नता का अनुभव
ChallengingDifficult; requiring effort or skill to completeचुनौतीपूर्ण
GratifyingGiving a sense of pleasure or satisfactionसंतुष्टिजनक
ImpressingMaking a positive impression on someoneप्रभावित करना
ValidatingConfirming or verifying the value or worth of somethingमान्यता देना
UniqueBeing the only one of its kind; unlike anything elseअनूठा, सबसे अलग

Answer the following questions, based on the Discursive passage about poetry.

i Which of the following statements best describes the author’s attitude towards studying poetry?

A. Finds poetry to be a frustrating and meaningless endeavour.
B. Believes that the emotional rollercoaster of studying poetry is not worth the effort.
C. Recognizes the challenges of studying poetry but also acknowledges the rewards it offers.
D. Feels that poetry is too obscure and abstract for the average person to appreciate.

ANS: C. Recognizes the challenges of studying poetry but also acknowledges the rewards it offers.

ii What is the tone of the writer in the given lines from paragraph (1)? Rationalise your response in about 40 words.
‘If solving a riddle is what was intended, then playing Sudoku is a better option. One is led to ponder if obscurity was the goal.”

ANS: The tone of the writer in the given lines is critical/sceptical.
He compares comprehending a poem to being even tougher than solving a sudoku. Through the second part of the line, the writer hints that the poems are intentionally written in a complex way to confuse the reader.

iii Complete the sentence appropriately.
The author’s use of vivid imagery in paragraph (3), such as “curl up in a ball and cry” and “jump up and down with joy”, greatly affects the reader because ______________

ANS: it creates a visual effect that can be easily imagined by the reader and in the right magnitude or intensity.

iv The passage includes some words that are opposites of each other. From the sets (a)-(e) below, identify two sets of antonyms:

studying poetry can be a roller coaster ride

ANS: sets of Antonyms –
(a) intriguing and off-putting
(d) simple and challenging

v Complete the sentence appropriately.
We can say that the author’s tone becomes more neutral and objective when discussing weird poems, compared to other types of poetry because ____________

ANS: The author analyses that some poems put the readers in a state of bewilderment due to the use of unconventional use of imagery and figure of speech. But later he says that the reader can appreciate their uniqueness.

vi Based on the reading of the passage, examine, in about 40 words, how studying poetry can be like exploring a new city.

ANS: Just as exploring a new city requires an open mind and a sense of curiosity, studying poetry requires a willingness to engage with different styles and interpretations of the text, and to approach the subject matter with an open and receptive attitude.

vii What is the message conveyed by Hina’s experience, in the following case?
Hina spends hours trying to analyze a poem for her assignment and finally feels a sense of accomplishment and pride, once she understands.

A. Only those with a natural talent for poetry should engage with it.
B. Persistence makes studying poetry a rewarding pursuit.
C. Study of poetry is guaranteed to impress others.
D. The efforts of studying poetry are inversely proportional to the rewards gained.

ANS: B. Persistence makes studying poetry a rewarding pursuit.

viii State whether the following lines display an example of a simple/complex / emotionally charged / downright weird, poem.

The sun rises in the east,
A new day begins, a fresh start.
Birds chirp, nature wakes up,
A peaceful feeling in my heart.

ANS: Simple
[This verse is simple in terms of its language, structure, and content. It describes a natural scene, which is easy to comprehend and has a peaceful effect on the reader.]

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