Formal Letter to Order Books|CBSE Sample Paper 2021 Class 10

Formal Letter for Home Delivery of Order

(B) You are Vaijanthi/Vijay from Prakasham Nagar, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Write a letter to Book Haven Store, requesting home delivery of the books, stationery and art materials you had ordered telephonically. Share the reason for being unable to pick up the goods in person. Confirm your address details and a convenient time slot.

Prakasham Nagar
Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Dated: 19 Dec, 2020

The Manager
Book Haven Store
Andhra Pradesh

Subject: Request for home delivery of order.

Kindly refer to order no. A-232 placed yesterday over the phone. Coincidentally, I have to take tomorrow morning’s flight to visit my father in the hospital. These books are urgently needed for my son.
The order consisted of one Mathematics (Basic) for class 12 by R.D.Sharma, NCERT English for class 12. Do not forget to add 2 pieces of Classmate registers (300 pages) and 1 pack of 24 shades of Camlin watercolours.
Kindly, deliver the order to my residence- House number 345, Prakasham Nagar, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh on 20th December prior to 6 pm. Share the details for online payment.

Thank you
Yours Sincerely
Phone Number- XXXXXXXXXX

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Formal Letter Format and Example

It is an example of a formal letter where the writer has to follow the prescribed format. You can check the format and the hints given by CBSE for 2021 board exams:

Letter to Book Haven Store requesting home
delivery of ordered goods
– Reference

  • Inform
  • Give reason – Illness, family emergency, professional commitments, any other relevant reason &
  • Request

– Details

Competency applied for overall expression
Paragraphing recommended. Listing of points shall lead to deduction of 1 mark
• Opening–using phrases like ‘This is with reference to the order …’; ‘Kindly refer to
order no.…’ etc.
• Reason—using ‘because’, ‘due to’ , ‘since’ etc.
• Request– use of ‘Kindly…’ , ‘ I would be grateful…’ etc.
• Accuracy—grammar, spellings
Competency applied for content
• Reference to order placed telephonically for pick-up in person (content ½ mark)
• Inform about inability to pick in person, provide reason/s and forward request to deliver the goods at home (content 1 mark)
• Present details of suitable time slot, conformation of address and phone number
(content ½ mark)

You can submit your order letter answers to get error analysis by our expert teachers.

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