CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2022-23 with Solutions

CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2023-24 Solutions (Latest)

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CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2022-23 with Solutions

Time allowed: 3 Hrs. Maximum Marks: 80
Section A: READING SKILLS 20 MarksI

Read the passage given below (10 marks)

1 Mountains have always been held in great awe by mankind. They have been a challenge to humans. Those brave among us have always wanted to conquer them. You see, the more incredible the mountains, the greater the thrill – a challenge to the bravery of the human race. Climbing mountains is an experience that is hard to put into words. You are in a beautiful environment and, when you reach the top, you feel incredible. But you also have to climb down, which is when most accidents happen – people are tired, it gets dark, it’s harder. So, mountain climbing is undoubtedly one of the most popular adventure sports along with being challenging and risky for the climber.

2 Without any perceived risk, there can’t be a feeling that any significant challenge has been surmounted. Fair, but we have to bear in mind that mountaineering is not a sport that can be embraced without preparation. The enthusiasts must develop in themselves the spirit of adventure, willingness to undertake hardships and risks, extraordinary powers of perseverance, endurance, and keenness of purpose before climbing a mountain. They should also know how to handle mountaineering equipment. Then comes the penance of the rigorous training. This could very well be the lifeline up there. It helps inculcate and hone survival instincts that allow the climber to negotiate perilous situations. There are numerous institutes in India and abroad that offer such training.

3 Mountain climbers are unanimous in agreeing that unpredictable weather is what they fear the most. There may be sunshine one moment and a snowstorm the other. At higher altitudes, snow is a regular feature and being decisive about setting up camps or proceeding further is crucial. The icy sheets after ice storms make walking treacherous, while the powdery snow makes a mountaineer sink deep into the snow. Up there, where the intention is to embrace Nature’s wonder, one realises that it cannot be done without facing its formidable glory. A true mountaineer may challenge the mountain, yet is always respectful of the powerful forces of nature.

4 Summiting mountains carries its own health risks such as oxygen and altitude sickness problems, frostbites, swelling of hands and feet, fluid collection in the brain or lungs and exhaustion. Yet, the gratification mountaineers feel from mastering something that is so frightening, urges them to undertake these endeavours. We may think that the mountaineers are fearless, but experts say, “Not at all. It’s fear that keeps them so intrigued with such arduous journeys.” Impulse and brazenness can be deadly foes. In the words of the Indian mountaineer, Bachendri Pal, “The biggest risk is …to not to take the risk at all. Remember that.”
(444 words)

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer the questions given below. 1×10

I Why does the writer say that mountains inspire ‘awe’ in humans? (Paragraph 1)

A. They present us with opportunities for exciting sports.
B. They evoke the wish in us, to master them.
C. They inspire in us, deeds of valour.
D. They represent peace and calm, to us.

ANS: They evoke the wish in us, to master them.

ii Select the option that corresponds to the following relation below: The more incredible the mountains—the greater the thrill (Paragraph 1)

A. The higher the stamina—the lower the food intake
B. The more you laugh—the lesser your illness
C. The smaller the car—the bigger the advantage
D. The heavier the luggage—the higher the penalty

ANS: D. The heavier the luggage—the higher the penalty

iii Select the option that displays what the writer projects, with reference to the following:
So, mountain climbing is undoubtedly one of the most popular adventure sports (Paragraph 1)

A. doubt
B. caution
C. conviction
D. denial

ANS: C. conviction

iv Complete the following with a phrase from paragraph 1. 1

————————-Best experienced rather than described

ANS: hard to put into words

V The writer compares training to penance in the line –Then comes the penance of the rigorous training. (Paragraph 2)
State 1 point of similarity between training and penance.

ANS: Both training and penance require physical hard work and strong determination.
Penance meaning – तपस्या

vi Based on your reading of the text, list 2 reasons why the writer says that “mountaineering is not a sport that can be embraced without preparation”. (Paragraph 2)


  1. It requires physical endurance in unfavourable weather.
  2. It needs proper training to walk on snow-laden surfaces and expertise in to use of mountaineering equipment.

vii What connection does the writer draw out between unpredictable weather and the setting up of camps? (Paragraph 3)

ANS: The mountaineers have to decide where to put up their camps on the basis of the unpredictable weather conditions. When the weather is unfavourable, they stay inside camps else continue their hiking.

viii The writer says, “A true mountaineer may challenge the mountain, yet is always respectful to the powerful forces of nature.” (Paragraph 3) Select the reason the mountaineer is respectful to the forces of nature, up in the mountains.

A. survival
B. experience
C. tradition
D. directive

ANS: Survival

ix Supply 1 point to justify the following:
While mountain climbing, an impulsive mountaineer is either disaster-prone or as good as dead.

ANS: Survival is key in mountain climbing and it can be done with careful decision-making and planning. Any impulsive action would lead to accidents or death.

x Evaluate the INAPPROPRIATE reason for the feeling of exhilaration on reaching a summit, that the mountain-climbers experience.

A. Achievement of a seemingly impossible feat
B. Spectacular panoramic view
C. Application of the inculcated survival instincts
D. Opportunity to use sophisticated mountaineering equipment

Case-Based Passage with Statistical Data | English Sample Paper Class 10 Code 184 – 2022-23

II Read the passage given below (10 Marks)

The North-East of India is a melting pot of variegated cultural mosaic of people and races, an ethnic tapestry of many hues and shades. Yet, these states are less explored as compared to the rest of the country. The new generations of travellers who are ‘money rich and time poor’ are increasingly looking for unique experiences a phenomenon being called the emergence of the ‘experience economy’. For this new and growing breed of tourists, the Northeast with its variety and uniqueness holds immense attraction.

A study conducted in 2020 by Dr Sherap Bhutia, revealed that the foreign tourist arrivals in the North-East increased from 37,380 persons in 2005 to 118,552 in 2014. The overall growth rate of tourists (both domestic and foreign) in the Northeast was as high as 26.44% during 2005-06. High and positive growth of 12.53% was registered in foreign tourist visits to the North-East States of India during 2012 from 2011, which further rose to register a growth of 27.93% in 2013 from 2012.

Foreign tourist arrivals in the Northeast witnessed a growth of 39.77% in 2014 from 2013, according to data provided by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The study recommendations for tourism planners included the need to concentrate on some key areas like enhancement of tourist facilities, tourism financing, focus on community involvement and others for the formulation of a sustainable tourism strategy in the North-East States of India.
(234 words)
Adapted –

i Infer one reason for the following, based on information in paragraph 1. The rate of tourism in the North-East of India puzzles tourism officials.

ANS: These states have so much for tourists to explore still fewer people visit here as compared to the rest of the states of the country.


ANS: This is so because these states are less explored than the rest of the country, despite having a lot to offer. (CBSE’s answer)

ii Select the appropriate option to fill in the blanks.
From paragraph 1, we can infer that the _________and _____________ of the North-Eastern states aid in attracting the ‘money rich and time poor’ tourists.

  1. distinctiveness
  2. conventionality
  3. diversity
  4. uniformity
  5. modernity

A. 1 & 3
B. 2 & 4
C. 2 & 5
D. 1 & 4

ANS: A. 1 & 3 Distinctiveness and Diversity

iii Complete the following analogy correctly with a word/ phrase from paragraph 1:

aroma: cooking::: painting
(Clue: Just like aroma is integral to cooking, similarly is/ are integral to painting)

ANS: hues and shades

iv Select the correct option to complete the following sentence:
Travellers advocating the ‘experience economy’ seek a holiday package with (Paragraph 1)

A. grand facilities, expensive hotels and excellent services to pamper them.
B. a wholesome experience within the budget they have planned for.
C. places and cities to buy things from and opportunities to spend money.
D. cost-effective services, affordable accommodation and many days of touring.

ANS: B. a wholesome experience within the budget they have planned for.

v Select the chart that appropriately represents the trend of foreign tourist travels in the North-East, from 2011-2014, as per paragraph 2.

Case based factual passage 2022-2023

A. Option 1
B. Option 2
C. Option 3
D. Option 4

ANS: B. Option 2

vi. Fill in the blank by selecting the correct option.
The study of tourist travel statistics in the Northeast, from 2005 to 2014 showed ___________results.

A. expected
B. encouraging
C. inconsistent
D. questionable

ANS: B. encouraging

vii. Substitute the word ‘witnessed’ with ONE WORD similar in meaning, in the following sentence from paragraph 2:

Foreign tourist arrivals in the Northeast witnessed a growth of……

ANS: observed/ recorded/ showed/ displayed

viii. List any 2 examples of ‘tourist facilities’ as referred to, in Paragraph 3.

ANS: Setting up tourist accommodation facilities and recreational facilities like gardens and shopping areas can boost tourism. Some basic add-ons like wifi availability and dedicated shuttle services matter a lot for tourists.

ix List one reason why the researchers recommend that the formulation of a tourism strategy in the NorthEastern States of India be sustainable.

ANS: The tourism strategy makers must keep in mind that it should not interfere with the socio-economic benefits of the local community to make it sustainable.

x.Select the option that titles paragraphs 1-3 appropriately, with reference to information in the text.

Case based passage with solutions

1. winds of change
2. Numbers don’t lie
3. time for action


Attempt ANY TEN of the following questions. 10

i Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option to complete an online update. The climate control comment by an activist _________________on social media yesterday.

A. blow up
B. blew up
C. is blown
D. will be blown

ANS: B. blew up

ii Read the conversation between a doctor and his patient. Complete the sentence by reporting the patient’s reply correctly.

Doctor: Do you feel down from time-to-time Mr Gopalan?
Patient: Yes, I do not stay in a good mood.

The doctor, while trying to figure out his patient’s ailment, asked about his well-being, to which, the patient affirmed _____________________________.

ANS: that he does not stay in a good mood.

iii Select the correct option to fill in the blank for the given line, from a health magazine.
The advertisement read, ‘If you smoke, statistically your story __________end 15% before it should’.

A. must
B. should
C. will
D. ought to

ANS: C. will

iv Select the option that identifies the error and supplies the correction for the following line, from a news report: Last week a child was not allowed to board the plane at Ranchi airport.

Option no.ErrorCorrection

ANS: C. the/a

v Complete the given narrative, by filling in the blank with the correct option:
As I was standing on the dock, looking out at the lake for the last time, a feeling of emptiness ______________ over me like darkness.

A. will wash
B. had washed
C. will have washed
D. washed

ANS: D. washed

vi Fill in the blank by using the correct form of the word in the bracket, for the given portion of a letter:

Subject: Request for Approval
Dear Sir
This is to respectfully submit that I _______________ (seek) approval for organising a tree plantation drive to be undertaken by the club.

ANS: seek

vii Report the dialogue between a grandson and his grandfather, by completing the sentence:

Grandson: Grandpa, who are your superheroes?
Grandpa: Anyone who shows kindness and compassion to others.

In response to the question about his superheroes, grandfather says that __________________________.

ANS: that it is anyone who shows kindness and compassion to others.

viii Identify the error in the given sentence, from a school magazine report and supply the correction.

In order to balancing the sentiments of the Eagles and the Hawks, the Student Council suggested a rematch between the teams. Use the given format for your response.



ix Sunil shared some information, with Tariq, about a holiday at sea. Report Tariq’s question. Did you enjoy travelling by sea?

ANS; Tariq asked Sunil if he had enjoyed travelling by sea.

x Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option, to complete the slogan by the Ministry for Child Welfare.



xi Select the correct option to complete the narration of the dialogue between Latha and her father.

Father: Why ask so many questions, Latha?
Latha: I believe that if you don’t know the answer, keep asking till you do!

Father asked Latha the reason for the many questions she was asking. Latha exclaimed good-humouredly that in the event of not knowing the answer one should ________________.

A. keep asking till one does.
B. kept asking till one does.
C. keep asking till one do.
D. kept on to ask till one do.

ANS: A. keep asking till one does.

xii Identify the error on a shop’s hoarding and supply the correction, for the following sales offer:

Gumnaam & Daughters Pvt. Ltd. Bindapur, Jharkhand

Massive discount for all senior citizens vaccinated with the precautionary dose

Use the given format for your response.



all senior citizenseach senior citizen


All the names and addresses used in the questions are fictitious. Resemblance, if any, is purely coincidental.

Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below. (5 marks)

A. You are Sunidhi Prakash, the Vice Captain of Brilliant Vidyalaya, Barra, Kanpur. You have recently noticed several posters around your school premises conveying a hazardous message:

Lose weight in just a month!
“A WONDER DIET comes to your rescue …
A privilege available for only a few!”

Write a letter to the Editor of The DWA, in not more than 120 words, drawing attention towards harm caused by such advertising. Propose the implementation of “Wholesome Lunch Month’ in schools as an idea to address such practices, mention the advantages and share suggestions to foster healthy eating routines and develop positive body image among youngsters.

Brilliant Vidyalaya, Barra

29 August 2022

The Editor
K-21, Anjana Pura

Subject: Need for Promoting Healthy Eating Routines
Dear Madam

This is with reference to posters bearing the message of ‘crash diet’ being posted around our school premises. Such posters impact youngsters negatively and can be hazardous to their self-esteem.
I would like to propose the idea of implementing “Wholesome Lunch Month’ for all school students to
counter the implications of such misleading advertisements. This initiative is sure to encourage all students to bring nutritious and healthy lunches daily and develop healthy eating routines. To ensure that this project gains strength, schools may organize puppet shows, street plays, and Ted Talks (by Nutritionist/ Psychologist), encompassing the theme, to foster healthy eating routines and a positive body image.
I hope that the publishing of my letter in the columns of your renowned Daily helps spread awareness and promotes a healthy lifestyle among students.

Yours truly
Sunidhi Prakash
Answer Source: CBSE


B. You are Zac Skaria, a resident of # 412, Magna Greens Apartments, Gandhi Marg, Jonpara, Mumbai. Three students of grade 10 from your residential complex have rescued and rehabilitated a few old beggars from the neighbourhood. You think that their work deserves appreciation and recognition. Write a letter to the President of the RWA, seeking recommendations for these youth, to be nominated for ‘Serving Citizens’ Award’. Suggest other ways by which such acts of kindness could be recognised and awarded in the future.

421, Magna Greens Apartments
Gandhi Marg, Jonpara

19 July 2022

The President
RWA, Magna Greens Apartments
42, Gandhi Marg, Jonpara

Subject: Seeking Recommendation for ‘Serving Citizens’ Award’ Nominations
Dear Sir

This is with reference to the empathetic social service done by Miss Jiya, Mas Adwait and Master Pranit
(residents of our complex), in rescuing and rehabilitating a few old beggars from our neighbourhood.
These students ensured that the beggars were rehabilitated at ‘Seva Sadan’- an NGO which takes care of
the needy of our city.
This selfless initiative carried out with dedication and responsibility deserves due recognition. I, therefore, request you to issue a letter of recommendation for these students to be nominated for the ‘Serving Citizens’ Award’ organised by the local Municipal Corporation.
I would also like to submit that the RWA set up a special committee that looks into such acts in the future.
This would aid dedicated attention and appropriate screening of nominations. Arrangement of academic
sponsorships for such children would also be an encouraging gesture.
I entreat you to address this at your earliest convenience and issue the recommendation letters.

Yours sincerely
Zac Skaria

Attempt ANY ONE from A and B given below. 5 Marks

A. Gurmeet Kaur is an aspiring candidate for a public-funded engineering college in the suburbs. She belongs to a nearby village, has minimal technical skills and exposure, has the required cut-off percentage and is looking for a complete or partial scholarship.
Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words, analysing her SWOT notes to support your stand on whether she should join/not join the college.

CBSE Sample paper 2022-23


In support of the decision:
The given information illustrates the options Gurmeet would weigh in order to take the right decision about her admission to a public-funded engineering college. With the availability of a strong curriculum, quality faculty and vibrant Activity Clubs, she will be assured of an enriching educational journey. Though the hostel facility is unavailable, she may take up accommodation in the suburbs or choose to travel daily from her village. Good opportunities for practice-based research, partnership with professional companies and international student exchange programs will enhance her professional and interpersonal skills. Hard work, responsible behaviour and prudent decision-making could help Gurmeet thrive in the college even though it has a rigid and conventional culture. The strengths and opportunities work in favour of Gurmeet. Taking this opportunity will allow her to mend the incorrect public perception of public-funded colleges and students’ outlook toward technical subjects. (129 words)

Against the decision:
The given information indicates Gurmeet’s dilemma about seeking admission to a public-funded college.
Though equipped with a strong curriculum, engaging activity clubs and an able faculty, the college lacks diversity and good conduct among the students, giving rise to concerns about a safe environment for a novice like Gurmeet. Underutilization of IT services will be further detrimental to the progress of Gurmeet’s educational journey and add to extra costs related to research work. If she does not qualify for a complete or partial scholarship, the arrangement of her own accommodation and additional expenses of the student exchange programme will increase her expenditure, too. Such a college environment may dampen her endeavouring spirit. The weakness and threats outweigh the strengths, in the case of Gurmeet. So, it is recommended that Gurmeet does not apply for admission to the said college. (139 words)


B. Read the following excerpt from an online post on a website on educational practices.

Kids who appreciate how much effort, time and care goes into growing food will understand how important farmers are, and why it’s important to take care of our Earth. In today’s world, gardening needs to be given more importance than sports, music and dance in all schools because it creates environmental stewards and outdoor learning laboratories that help the child and community for years to come.

Write a paragraph in 100-120 words to analyse the given argument. You could think about what alternative explanations might weaken the given conclusion and include rationale/evidence that would strengthen/counter the given argument.


Argument FOR the subject of the statement:
In today’s world, gardening needs to be given more importance than sports, music and dance in all schools. While sports, music and dance contribute to personal growth, the current time mandates attention toward an issue that is global. With growing food wastage in many homes today, the urban young believe that vegetables are grown, and harvested at supermarkets, and the efforts of the farmers are discredited. Gardening at school will open a world of first-hand learning experiences of sowing, watering and harvesting processes. Waiting for the saplings to grow will inculcate sensitivity, patience, empathy, gratitude and value for one’s hard work. They will feel accountable for their piece of Mother Earth, resulting in making them efficient and enterprising environmental stewards. Unlike sports, music or dance, gardening goes beyond just enjoyment to create responsible citizens of the future. (148 words)

Argument AGAINST the subject of the statement:
Gardening, certainly, should not be given precedence over sports, music and dance in all schools. Gardening at school requires good planning with hands-on guidance and continued supervision by the teachers. Students tend to lose interest due to the slow and natural growth process of plants as well as the investment of continuous hard work. Small targets or goals would be missing whereas the danger of destruction of their work due to rains, intrusion of grazing animals or a pest attack is likely to set in a feeling of defeat. It may be noted that sports, music and dance are uplifting activities which display faster results, are enjoyable and inculcates team spirit, collaboration and confidence. Unlike gardening, setbacks in these activities can be addressed with some sense of personal control. These activities help students express and de-stress successfully. So, maintaining their due importance in the school’s co-curriculum is imperative.

V Reference to the Context 10 marks

1 Attempt ANY ONE of the two extracts given. 5 marks

1. A “Hey, a tea garden!” Rajvir cried excitedly.
Pranjol, who had been born and brought up on a plantation, didn’t share Rajvir’s excitement. “Oh, this is tea country now,” he said. “Assam has the largest concentration of plantations in the world. You will see enough gardens to last you a lifetime!” “I have been reading as much as I could about tea,” Rajvir said. “No one really knows who discovered tea but there are many legends.” (Glimpses of India)

i. Why was Pranjol not as excited as Rajvir about the tea gardens?

A. He disliked looking at tea gardens.
B. He had worked in tea gardens himself.
C. He had grown up in and around tea gardens.
D. He was bored with tea gardens.

ANS: C. He had grown up in and around tea gardens.

ii. What does Pranjol mean by saying that Assam has the largest concentration of plantations in the world?

ANS: He means to say that the cultivation of tea is the highest in Assam all over the world.

iii. Fill in the blank with ONE WORD only.
Pranjol’s _______________ comes through clearly when he exclaims, “You will see enough gardens to last you a lifetime!”

ANS: frustration/irritation

iv. How according to Rajvir does the world know about the discovery of tea?

A. Historical places
B. Traditional tales
C. Authentic anecdotes
D. Popular publications

ANS: B. Traditional tales

v. Select the option that correctly captures the application of the word ‘cried’ as used in line 1 of the extract.

A. Jaspreet cried a lot in spite of winning second place in a competition.
B. Jaspreet cried out loud when she saw a white tiger in the sanctuary.
C. Jaspreet cried for hours when the police were unable to find her lost pet.
D. Jaspreet has barely cried since she was three years of age.

ANS: B. Jaspreet cried out loud when she saw a white tiger in the sanctuary.


1. B OMEGA: It shall be done, Sir. Remove vitamins. (Crew takes vitamins from boxes on their belts.) Present vitamins.
(They hold vitamins out in front of them, stiffly.) Swallow vitamins. (They pop the vitamins into their mouths and gulp simultaneously. They open their eyes wide, their heads shake, and they put their hands to their foreheads.)
THINK-TANK: Excellent. Now, decipher that code.
ALL: It shall be done, Sir. (They frown over the book, turning pages.)
OMEGA: (brightly) Aha!
IOTA: (brightly) Oho!
OOP: (bursting into laughter) Ha, ha, ha.
THINK-TANK: What does it say? Tell me this instant. Transcribe, Omega.
(The Book that Saved the Earth)

i. Select the option that correctly captures the usage of the word ‘present’ from line 1 of the extract.

A. Oops received a nice present from Think Tank.
B. Iota needs to present his opinion firmly.
C. Omega must focus on the present and leave the past behind.
D. Oops didn’t know anyone even though a crowd was present.

ANS: B. Iota needs to present his opinion firmly.

ii. Complete the analogy by selecting a suitable word from the text frown: smile:: gloomily:

ANS: Gloomily::Brightly

iii. Select the option that displays the reason why all crew members were asked to have vitamins. In order to –

A. boost their physical energies.
B. adapt to their circumstances.
C. quickly turn all the pages.
D. accomplish a specific task.

ANS: D. accomplish a specific task.

iv. According to the extract, what did THINK-TANK most likely want OMEGA to do when he said ‘Transcribe…’?

  1. read aloud
  2. translate
  3. make notes
  4. interpret
  5. record reactions

Select the correct option.

A. 1 & 3
B. 2 & 4
C. Only 3
D. 1, 4 and 5

ANS: B. 2 & 4

v. The playwright places certain words and sentences in brackets in the given extract. List any ways these benefit both the director and actors.

i) ______________________________________
ii) ______________________________________

ANS: i) these words help the actors in giving correct expressions for the dialogues.
ii) Besides clear instructions to actors, these words help the director in getting an appropriate stage setting.

2 Attempt ANY ONE of the two extracts given. 5 marks

2. A The trees inside are moving out into
the forest,
the forest that was empty all these
where no bird could sit
no insect hide
no sun bury its feet in shadow
the forest that was empty all these
will be full of trees by morning.

(The Trees)

i. Complete the sentence appropriately. It is clear that Personification is the poetic device used for ‘No sun bury its feet….’ because. (Clue: explain how personification applies here)

ANS: because the sun, which is non-human, is attributed human feature of having feet.

ii. The poet has used a poetic device in the given lines. What effect does she wish to create by its use?

…no bird could sit
no insect hide
no sun…

A. emphasis
B. comparison
C. rhyme
D. humour

ANS: emphasis

iii. State whether the following statement is TRUE or FALSE:
The extract uses trees as a symbol for conservative people.


iv. Select the appropriate option to complete the sentence, according to the extract. The idea of a forest that has been ‘empty all these days’ is.

A. unnatural
B. scary
C. magical
D. legendary

ANS: A unnatural

v. How does the use of enjambment impact this extract?

A. It forces frequent pauses.
B. It simplifies the meaning.
C. It builds momentum.
D. It makes the lines lyrical.

ANS: C. It builds momentum.


2. (B) But I can get a hair-dye
And set such colour there,
Brown, or black, or carrot,
those young men in despair
May love me for myself alone
And not my yellow hair.”
(For Anne Gregory)

i. What is the poet’s tone in the extract?

1 thoughtful
2 authoritative
3 agitated
4 insulting
5 argumentative

Select the appropriate option.
A. 1, 4
B. 3, 5
C. 2, 4
D. 1, 5

ANS: C. 3, 5 (agitated and argumentative)

ii. What causes the young men to ‘despair’, according to the extract?

ANS: The young men are in despair because they are unsure of the return of affection from Anne Gregory.

iii. Identify the reason for the speaker’s need to colour her hair, as per the extract.

A. Her control over what makes her look beautiful.
B. Her desire to be loved for inner beauty
C. Her need to change people’s perception of beauty
D. Her conviction that she is beautiful inside

ANS: D. Her conviction that she is beautiful inside

iv. Complete the analogy about the speaker’s hair.
yellow: blonde :: : carrot

ANS: carrot:red/orange/burgundy

v Select the sentence in which the word ‘set’ is used in a similar manner as line 2 of the extract.

A. I want to set him up and get my work done this time.
B. Do you have another set of books that I can read?
C. The dessert needs to be set for two hours before being served.
D. The set for the school play looked quite grand.

ANS: C. The dessert needs to be set for two hours before being served.

VI Answer ANY FOUR of the following in about 40-50 words each.

i. Validate the given statement with reference to the baby seagull’s fear. ‘Fear doesn’t exist anywhere else other than one’s mind.’ (His First Flight- Two Stories about Flying)

ANS: Baby seagull knew that he was born to fly but the fear of falling down gripped his mind. He could not take his first flight as he was scared that his wings will not support his body weight and he would fall down the hill. He did not want to even try once because the fear overpowered his mind and senses.

ii. Explain why the poet personally holds the conviction that the world will primarily end in fire. (Fire and Ice)

ANS: The poet holds the conviction because he was a victim of the fiery aspect of desire. He admitted this in these lines – From what I’ve tasted ……shows that he had experienced its destructive effects in his life.

iii. Valli’s unique maiden bus ride experience could be possible because she belonged to a small village. Do you agree? Why? /Why not? (2 reasons) (Madam Rides a Bus)

ANS: I agree with the above statement because a village usually has one bus that goes to and fro. She used to observe that one bus regularly but cities have more means of transport that might seem more adventurous. Moreover, children of her age are not recommended to travel alone in urban areas.

iv. Give one reason why ‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon’ is more a fable than a ballad.

ANS: The tale of Custard the dragon can be called a ballad but it is more a fable than a ballad because a fable is a fictitious narrative usually with animals, birds etc as characters and shares a strong message.
The poem fulfils both of these conditions, hence, better qualifies as a fable.

v. How can we say that Natalya was continuously successful in maintaining an upper hand during her arguments with Lomov? (Anyone example) (The Proposal)

ANS: She was able to answer every query and present an argument defeating the one presented by Lomov. While arguing about ownership of Oxen meadows, Natalya argued that it was a matter of principle and not greed. Whereas Lomov could not argue till the last and ended the arguments with his heart’s palpitation complaint.

VII Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 40-50 words each.

i. Dr Herriot knew his patients as well as their owners really well. Discuss. (The Triumph of Surgery)

ANS: Dr Harriot had seen his obese patient – Tricky in the market with its owner Mrs Pumphrey. Just by seeing the patient and its owner, he had guessed the exact causes of the dog’s ailments. He knew well that her pampering was the dog’s real problem but he did not say any harsh words to Mrs Pumphrey.

ii. State one likely reason the writer of The Midnight Visitor chose to characterise Ausable as short and fat.

ANS: The writer, perhaps, wanted to give a strong message that the brain is what counts more than
brawn/ muscle power. Ausable proved his brain power by weaving a story of a non-existent balcony and also made the agile and smart Max believe it. His physique did not pose any hindrance to his work.

iii. Validate the importance of small, fun learning tasks toward successful careers, in the context of Richard Ebright in The Making of a Scientist.

ANS: Richard’s story substantiates that small and fun learning tasks lead to successful careers. He started the collection and breeding of butterflies as a fun activity. His curiosity about the gold spots and the secretion from them provoked him to develop a theory of cell structure which resulted in a career as a renowned successful scientist.

VIII Answer ANY ONE of the following in about 100-120 words.

i. Mijbil and the Tiger, both were looked after by humans. Assume they both meet each other in the zoo and have a conversation about their lifestyle and feelings. Write this conversation as per your understanding of Mijbil the Otter and A Tiger in the Zoo. You may begin like this Tiger: Thanks for visiting me, though I don’t usually like visitors. Mijbil: Oh? I would love visitors, I think. 6

ANS: Conversation between the tiger and Mijbil –

Tiger: Thanks for visiting me, though I don’t usually like visitors.

Mijbil: Oh? I would love visitors, I think.

Tiger: You may think so because you are not so popular like us. Humans fascinate to have us in their cages to show their manpower.

Mijbil: We are on the verge of extinction and I think humans can save our breed by adopting us.

Tiger: Unfortunately, We don’t think like you. We want to live peacefully in our natural habitat without human intervention. They kill us for our velvety skin.

Mijbil: I am sorry for you but my master plays with me, takes me for walks, and gives me tasty food, in short, he takes care of me like his own kid. I wish to be his pet forever.

Tiger: Oh no! God only knows how much I aspire to be free.


ii. “Not from weeping nor from grieving will anyone obtain peace of mind’. If you had to use the message of the given quote from the Buddha’s sermon (The Sermon at Benares) to help the boy cope with the loss of his ball and what it signifies (The Ball Poem), what would you include in your advice? Also, evaluate why it might be difficult for him to understand the notion.

ANS: The given quote signifies that the loss of our dear things makes us sad but a human being must understand the perishable nature of things and learn to stay calm and normal in difficult situations.
If I were to advise the little boy to stop grieving about the loss of his ball, I would try to explain this quote’s message in a rather simplified form. The boy was too small to understand the philosophies of life. I would explain to him that everything and everyone has an expiry date. Some enjoy a long expiry period while some things may have a smaller tenure of life or usability. We must accept this universal truth that nothing is permanent in this world.

IX Answer ANY ONE of the following in about 100-120 words.

i. Fiction writers prefer creating grey characters rather than black and white. Analyse this in detail, with reference to both the characters of The Thief’s Story.

ANS: Black and white characters can easily be recognised by readers as protagonists and antagonists. To increase suspense and to make the story interesting and less predictable writers prefer creating grey characters. Ruskin Bond, too, used grey characters in ‘The Thief’s Story’. Hari Singh, an artful thief, tactfully befooled Anil and won his trust. He was portrayed as a bad guy who was not ashamed of lying and stealing. But, he changed due to Anil’s love, affection and trust. Despite being a thief he valued the importance of education.
Anil was a simple man who could be admired for his helpful nature. His forgiving quality makes him a morally strong character. He never uttered a word despite his knowledge of the theft. However, he was casual about money and ignored Hari Singh’s pilfering. Hence, it can be said that the characters of Hari Singh and Anil were not flat characters who are either black or white.


ii. ‘Honour among thieves’ is considered a popular code. Examine A Question of Trust as a story woven around this code.

ANS: It is believed that thieves steal from other people but never betray each other. In the story ‘A Question of Trust’ Horace Danby was a careful thief who meticulously conducted one robbery per year. His loot plan was executed in such a manner that he was not caught to date. But the lady in red lied to him that she was the owner of the house and forgot her safe’s passkey. Horace believed her and broke the safe. He was unaware of the fact that he had taken off his gloves while offering a cigarette lighter to her. She made a fool of him. In spite of being a thief herself, she did not follow the code of honour normally existing between two thieves.
He felt betrayed because this resulted in Horace Danby going to prison for the first time in his life.

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