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In the academic year, 2021-22 CBSE had divided the entire session into Term 1 and Term 2. Term 1 was purely MCQ based and Term 2 was totally subjective in nature. The CBSE Term 1, 2021 Final paper was slightly tough whereas the Term 2 paper was moderately easy. Thousands of students are already availing the benefits of the MCQ based Question Paper and its Answer Key at Essayshout. You, too, can become a part of our community by sharing useful content with your friends.

CBSE Term 1, 2021-2022 Question Paper Pdf Download Free


CBSE Term 2, 2022 Question Paper Pdf Download Free



Unseen Passage with Subjective Question Answers

(1) Milkha Singh, also known as The Flying Sikh, was an Indian track and field sprinter who was introduced to the sport while serving in the Indian Army. He is the only athlete to win gold in 400 metres at the Asian Games as well as the Commonwealth Games. He also won gold medals in the 1958 and 1962 Asian Games. He represented India in the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome and the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. He was awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honour, in recognition of his sporting achievements.

(2) The race for which Singh is best remembered is his fourth-place finish in the 400 metre final at the 1960 Olympic Games. He led the race till the 200 m mark before easing off, allowing others to pass him. Singh’s fourth-place time of 45.73 seconds was the Indian national record for almost 40 years.

(3) From the beginnings that saw him orphaned and displaced during the partition of India, Singh became a sporting icon in the country. In 2008, journalist Rohit Brijnath described Singh as “the finest athlete India has ever produced”. 

(4) He was disappointed with his debut performance at the 1956  Melbourne Olympics. “I returned to India, chastened by my poor performance in Melbourne. I had been so excited by the prospects of being part of the Indian Olympics team, but, hadn’t realized how strong and professional the competition would be. My success in India had filled me with a false sense of pride and it was only when I was on the track that I saw how inconsequential my talents were when pitted against superbly fit and seasoned athletes. It was then that I understood what competition actually meant, and that if I wanted to succeed in the international arena, I must be prepared  to test my mettle against the best athletes in the world.”

(5) Then he decided to make sprinting the sole focus of his life. “Running had thus become my God, my religion and my beloved.” “My life during those two years was governed by strict rules and regulations and a self-imposed penance. Every morning I would rise at the crack of dawn, get into my sports kit and dash off to the track, where I would run two or three miles cross-country in the company  of my coach.”

(6) On how he pushed himself through the tough days of vigorous training. “I practised so strenuously that often I was drained of all energy, and there were times when I would vomit blood or drop-down unconscious through sheer exercise. My doctors and coaches warned me and asked me to slow down to maintain my health and equilibrium but my determination was too strong to give up. My only focus was to become the best athlete in the world. But then images of a packed stadium filled with cheering spectators, wildly applauding me as I crossed the finishing line, would flash across my  mind and I would start again, encouraged by visions of victory.” 

Term 2 English 2022 Class 10 Answer Key

Based on your reading answer any five questions from the six given below (1*5)

(i) What is Milka Singh known as? What realization did Milkha Singh have when he was on the track during the Melbourne Olympics?

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(ii) List any two of Milkha Singh’s achievements.

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(iii) What strict rules and regulations did Milkha Singh follow?

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(iv) State two consequences of his hard and strenuous practice.

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(v) What motivated Milkha Singh to become the best athlete in the world?

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(vi) Explain the phrase ‘I would start again’ in the last sentence. 

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2. Read the following excerpt from a Case Study. J.K. Rowling – A Journey 

Case-Based Unseen Passage with Answers

The story of Joanne Kathleen Rowling’s near-magical rise to fame is almost as well known as the characters she creates.

Rowling was constantly writing and telling stories to her younger sister Dianne. “The first story I ever wrote down was about a rabbit called Rabbit.” Rowling said in an interview. “He got the measles and was visited by his friends including a giant bee called Miss Bee. And ever since Rabbit and Miss Bee, I have always wanted to be a writer, though I rarely told anyone so. 

However, my parents, both of whom come from impoverished backgrounds and neither of whom had been to college, took the view that my overactive imagination was an amusing personal quirk that would never pay a mortgage or secure a pension.

A writer from the age of six, with two unpublished novels in the drawer, she was stuck on a train when Harry walked into her mind fully formed. She spent the next five years constructing the plots of seven books, one for every year of his secondary school life

Rowling says she started writing the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, in Portugal, where she was teaching English

At first, nobody wanted to publish Harry Potter. She was told that the plot was too complex. Refusing to compromise, she found a publisher. 

In 1997 Rowling received her first royalty cheque. By book three, she had skyrocketed to the top of the publishing world. A row of zeroes appeared on the author’s bank balance and her life was turned upside down. Day and night she had journalists knocking on the unanswered door of her flat. 

Rowling’s quality control has become legendary, as her obsession with accuracy. She’s thrilled with Stephen Fry’s taped version of the books and outraged that an Italian dust jacket showed Harry minus his glasses. “Don’t they understand that the glasses are the clue to his vulnerability?” Annual earnings of J.K. Rowling from 2010 to 2019. 

CBSE Term 2, 2022 English Question Paper Answer Key

CBSE Class 10 Term 2, 2022 English Question Paper Case Based Unseen Passage Answer Key

On the basis of your understanding of the passage answer any five of the six questions given below.

(i) Explain J.K. Rowling’s ‘near-magical rise to fame’. 

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(ii) What reason did the publishers give for rejecting Rowling’s book?

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(iii) What was the drawback of achieving fame?

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(iv) Why was Rowling outraged with the Italian dust jacket? 

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(v) Find a word in the last para that means the same as ‘insecure/helpless’. 

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(vi) According to the graph, how many years did it take Rowling to become very successful? 

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For the Visually Impaired Students

(vi) What has become legendary about Rowling?

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Section – B 
(Writing and Grammar)

3. Attempt anyone from (i) and (ii).

(i) A survey was conducted in the National Capital in over twenty schools about the different activities that interest the children in the age group of 13 years to 15 years. Write a paragraph in not more than 120 words, analyzing the following information. 

CBSE 2022 Analytical Paragraph Solved Example

The bar graph shows children aged 13 – 15 years from twenty schools interested in different activities ranging from dance, cricket, music, art and theatre.
It is evident from the graph that the highest number of students prefer learning music. Out of a total of 190 students, around 60 students are following music as their extracurricular activity. Cricket and theatre get an almost equal enrollment of approximately 40 students each. At the lowest of all, dance and art attract 25 students in each group.
In a nutshell, each child is unique with a different set of interests and hobbies. Hence, they are widely distributed in their choice of free-time activities.
How to Write an Analytical Paragraph on Concept Chart

For the Visually Impaired Candidates

Class 10 Excerpt Analysis | How to Write an Argument Analysis

The school library is setting up a section for digital and audiobooks. However, teachers feel that the touch and feel of a paper book enhance the reading experience. Write an analytical paragraph on the above argument in not more than 120 words.

I do not disagree with the teachers’ statement that touch and feel enhance the reading experience of a paper book. But one can’t overlook the existence of digital and audiobooks in this tech era. Digital books serve so many purposes – ease of access, 24 hours reach and availability, no wear and tear, reduction in handling and maintenance costs. Besides, teachers can conveniently share the screen of a digital book with the whole class and save time and energy and make the lessons interesting.
If an institution sticks to the traditional teaching ways and habits it will lag behind in the race of competition. To conclude, we should look forward and adapt our education system to the ever-progressing technology.
Excerpt Analysis- Cruelty Against Animals
Excerpt Writing on Addiction to Internet and Television

Letter to Order Books for School Library

(ii) You are Niharika, in charge of the Neighbourhood Library for children. Write a letter to Manautal Publishers placing an order for books 2 sets each of Panchatantra and Amar Chitra Katha in about 120 words. Mention mode of payment, library discount and date of delivery. 

Children’s Library
Raj Nagar

May 2nd, 2022

The Sales Manager
Manautal Publishers
New Delhi

Subject: Online Order of Books

Dear Sir/Madam
We wish to place an order of children’s books for our library. Currently, we need 2 book sets each of Panchtantra and Amar Katha in English. We are expecting long business relations with your company if terms and conditions are favourable.
You are requested to send the above items properly packed within a period of one week of receiving this letter. Instant cash payment shall be made to the delivery person. I expect a reasonable library discount would be adjusted in the invoice.
Waiting for your response specifying the date of delivery and net amount to be paid.

Thanking You
Niharika (Incharge)
Children’s Library

Complaint Letter to Manager for Poor Quality of the Product
Letter of Enquiry for Covid Vaccine
Letter to the Editor for senior citizens badly neglected

4. The following paragraph has an error in each line with a blank. Write the correct and the incorrect word in the blanks provided. The first one has been done for you. 1 x 3 = 3 

A first Indian woman physician eg1ATHE
Anandibai Joshi graduated at 1886.2ATIN
about 125 years later, Indian women had start to outnumber men in 3STARTSTARTED
admissions of medical colleges. 4OFTO

5. Read the conversation and complete the passage that follows :

Ritika: Can I borrow your Math book for a couple of days?
Mohit: Yes certainly, I have already studied for the test tomorrow.

Ritika asked Mohit (1) if she could borrow his Math book for a couple of days. Mohit agreed and said that (2) he had already studied for the test the next day.

How to Score Good Marks in English Grammar Class 10


Answer any six questions in 30-40 words each. 2×6 = 12

(i) Why is Coorg called the land of the rolling hills? (Glimpses of India)

ANS: Coorg is a hill station and the hills are not sharp-edged but gently sloping. When seen from a distance the hills seem to roll down continuously. That’s why it is called the land of rolling hills.

(ii) What was the objective of Lomov’s visit to Chubukov’s house? (The Proposal)

ANS: Lomov had come to Chubukov’s house to ask for her daughter’s hand for marriage. He considered Natalya an excellent housekeeper, well educated and not bad looking. He thought she was a perfect match for him.

(iii) Ananda was blamed for a number of things. Mention any two.

ANS: Amanda’s parent blamed her for not arranging things in her room. She was always nagged for slouching her shoulders and not sitting in the right posture.

(iv) Walt Whitman speaks of the human race with a tinge of sarcasm. Which are the two reasons that you agree with? (Animals)

ANS: I agree with Walt Whitman when he says that humans cry for their wrongdoings and kneel before their deity. But they are filled with greed, ego, hatred and hypocrisy.

(v) How did Custard prove the cowardly dragon tag to be untrue?

ANS: When the pirate attacked, no animal of Belinda dared to face him but Custard the dragon showed courage and gobbled him up and saved everybody’s life.

(vi) What role did Ebright’s mother play in his success? (The Making of a Scientist)

ANS: Eright’s mother played a crucial role in his success. She can be termed a beacon bearer who showed him the right path by buying him the books about butterflies. She always kept him busy in constructive activities by providing him with scientific equipment.

(vii) How was the hack driver recognised

ANS: In his first attempt the narrator was unsuccessful in recognising Bill. So, he was sent again to New Mullion with a man who had worked with Bill. On reaching the station the narrator pointed toward Bill and called him his true companion. At that moment the man recognised that the Hack driver himself is Oliver Lutkins aka Bill.

Class 10 Important Long Question Answer

7. Answer any two of the following in about 120 words each. 4×2

(i) How does Buddha bring about a different perspective in Kisa Gotami’s understanding of life? (The Sermon at Benaras)

ANS: The death of Kisa Gotami’s son turned her life upside down. Earlier She was enjoying her life with her son. But, his sudden death made her almost mad, unwilling to accept the reality that we all are mortal. She was buried in deep grief. When she approached Buddha to regenerate her son, he tried to explain to her the ultimate reality of birth and death. But she did not listen to him. In order to let her realise that death has to follow births, Buddha asked her to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a house where no one had died. She could not find a single home where deaths did not happen. Eventually, she realised that man is mortal and everyone has to bear the separation of their near and ones.
This way Buddha brought about a different perspective in Kisa Gotami’s understanding of life.

(ii) As a reader do you sympathise with Matilda? Give reasons from the text to support your answer. (The Necklace)

ANS: I do sympathize with Matilda for wasting 10 crucial years of her youth just for a necklace and that too was not a real diamond. It is not uncommon for a woman to borrow jewellery from her friends and relatives to show off their huge collection. Following the same trend, Matilda borrowed a necklace from her friend. Unfortunately, the necklace was lost. Matilda was ignorant about the fact that it was not a real diamond. To save her husband from disgrace she agreed to sacrifice all her luxuries and bought a real piece of jewellery with borrowed money to repay Mme Forestier. In order to repay the frightful debt, they sent away the maids, changed their lodging, rented some rooms, did all the household chores y themselves, and Loisel worked overtime.
I pity Mme Loisel when her friend did not recognise her because all her beauty and attraction was lost due to the hardships she suffered. Had she dared once to ask her friend the price of the necklace, her life would be saved.


ANS: I do not sympathize with Matilda because she always believed in false pride and show off that was ought to go one day and it found its way with the disappearance of the borrowed necklace. Her husband always told her that she was so beautiful that she did not need costly clothes or jewellery but she never listened to him. Loisel bought her a pretty dress for the party with the money that he had saved to buy himself a hunter gun. Still she was not contented and wanted a jewel to amplify her beauty. When Loisel expressed his inability to buy a necklace she borrowed it from her friend.
Unfortunately, the necklace got lost and they had to buy a new necklace for thirty five thousand francs which costed them all of their luxuries. She could have avoided the misfortune if she did not fall in the trap of fake riches and glory. She was stubborn for a short lived appreciation which she received for the price of 10 years of hardships.

(iii) As Valli, make a diary entry about your experience of riding the bus alone for the first time. (Madan Rides the Bus) 

ANS: Dear Diary,
Today, I realised my long cherished dream. You know that I was saving money for my first bus ride. I enjoyed my ride to the fullest. When I boarded the bus, the conductor tried to make fun of me but I faced him boldly. On the way, an old lady agitated me by asking silly questions. So, ignored her and tried to focus on my ride. The most memorable and funny thing about the bus ride was to see a calf running along the bus. I loved and clapped on seeing her game. At the last bus stop, all the passengers were gone but I did not get off for the fear of getting lost in the market. On my way back home it pained my heart to see that the cow baby was lying dead on the road. However, it was a wonderful journey and now I can boast to my friends about it. I would like to save more money for my next bus ride. 

CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper Fully Solved
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>Chapter 2 Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom

>Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying His First Flight

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>Chapter 4 From the Diary of Anne Frank

>Chapter 5 (Part 1) The Hundred Dresses Part 1

>Chapter 6 (Part 2) The Hundred Dresses Part 2,

>Chapter 7 Glimpses of India

>Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter

>Chapter 9 Madam Rides the Bus

>Chapter 10 The Sermon at Benares

>Chapter 11 The Proposal

>Poem 1 Dust of Snow

>Poem 2 Fire and Ice

> Poem 3 A Tiger in the Zoo Poem

> Poem 4 How to Tell Wild Animals Poem

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