CBSE 2021 Sample Paper English X, Question-9B

Q9 (B) Read the following excerpt from an article that appeared in the magazine section of a local daily:

The ban on single-use plastic is impractical. The purpose of articles like bags and packaging is ultimately to make human life easier. Plastic articles do this well, so they shouldn’t be banned.

Write a paragraph to analyse the given argument.

You could think about what alternative explanations might weaken the given conclusion and include rationale/evidence that would strengthen/counter the given argument.

CBSE 2021 Sample Paper English X, Question-9B

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Argument for excerpt- Ban on Plastic

I don’t agree that the plastic ban is impractical. No doubt, plastic has become an integral part of our fast-paced life but it does not mean that its side effect can be ignored.

Hot food packed in plastic container reacts with plastic and causes many diseases. Negligent disposal of plastic bags leads to choked drains. Animals swallow plastic bags with the food mistakenly. This non-biodegradable object should be banned completely.

Citizens must co-operate with the government by using traditional cloth bags or reusing a bag before throwing it away. To break the habit single-use should be charged separately. It can compel people to carry their own carry bags or containers. The ‘say no to plastic bags’ campaign must start from an individual level to National level to make it a success.

Can you write a paragraph in favour of the above statement? Try writing and submit here to get checked. Thanks for visiting. Excerpt Analysis- Cruelty Against Animals, Class 10

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