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Social Media Essay: Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is social media and how does it impact students and society as a whole. How can it be used to extract only the advantages? Children need to understand the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of social media. So that its negative impact on society can be minimised.

Plastic use, advantage, disadvantage and waste management

Plastic is taking a toll on our life. How to dispose of plastic is a serious matter of discussion among scientists and environmentalists. Let's discuss and try to write a long essay on plastic pollution and try to implement some of the practical ways to get rid of plastic waste intelligently.....

Summer Vacation Essay in English for Students

This article will help students to write an essay on Summer Vacations in India. This essay on summer vacations in English is also available in Hindi language. Read this paragraph 'what to do during summer vacations' for better understanding.

Essay on Holi Festival | Why is Holi Celebrated

Holi is a festival of colours. It is celebrated by all on a large scale in all over India .It is a two day long festival. Chhoti holi or holi dahan is celebrated on the earlier day. It is followed by faag or badi holi. On the day of holi dahan a bonfire of sticks is …