Case-Based Unseen Factual Passage 2022-23 for Class 9-12

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Case-Based Unseen Factual Passage | CBSE Sample Paper 2022-23

Read the passage given below (10 Marks)

1 The North-East of India is a melting pot of variegated cultural mosaic of people and races, an ethnic tapestry of many hues and shades. Yet, these states are lesser explored as compared to the rest of the country. The new generations of travellers who are ‘money rich and time poor’ are increasingly looking for unique experiences –a phenomenon called the emergence of the ‘experience economy’. For this new and growing breed of tourists, the Northeast with its variety and uniqueness holds immense attraction.

2 A study conducted in 2020 by Dr Sherap Bhutia, revealed that the foreign tourist arrival in the North-East increased from 37,380 persons in 2005 to 118,552 in 2014. The overall growth rate of tourists (both domestic and foreign) in the Northeast was as high as 26.44% during 2005-06. High and positive growth of 12.53% was registered in foreign tourist visits to the North-East States of India during 2012 from 2011, which further rose to register a growth of 27.93% in 2013 from 2012.

3 Foreign tourist arrivals in the Northeast witnessed a growth of 39.77% in 2014 from 2013, according to data provided by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The study recommendations for tourism planners included the need to concentrate on some key areas like enhancement of tourist facilities, tourism financing, focus on community involvement and others for the formulation of a sustainable tourism strategy in the North-East States of India.
(234 words)
Adapted –

i Infer one reason for the following, based on information in paragraph 1. The rate of tourism in the North-East of India puzzles tourism officials.

ANS: These states have so much for tourists to explore still fewer people visit here as compared to the rest of the states of the country.


ANS: This is so because these states are lesser explored as compared to the rest of the country, in spite of having lots to offer. (CBSE’s answer)

ii Select the appropriate option to fill in the blanks.
From paragraph 1, we can infer that the _________and _____________ of the North-Eastern states aid attracting the ‘money rich and time poor’ tourists.

  1. distinctiveness
  2. conventionality
  3. diversity
  4. uniformity
  5. modernity

A. 1 & 3
B. 2 & 4
C. 2 & 5
D. 1 & 4

ANS: A. 1 & 3 distinctiveness and diversity

iii Complete the following analogy correctly with a word/ phrase from paragraph 1:

aroma: cooking:: : painting
(Clue: Just like aroma is integral to cooking, similarly is/ are integral to painting)

ANS: hues and shades

iv Select the correct option to complete the following sentence:
Travellers advocating the ‘experience economy’ seek a holiday package with (Paragraph 1)

A. grand facilities, expensive hotels and excellent services to pamper them.
B. a wholesome experience within the budget they have planned for.
C. places and cities to buy things from and opportunities to spend money.
D. cost-effective services, affordable accommodation and many days of touring.

ANS: B. a wholesome experience within the budget they have planned for.

v Select the chart that appropriately represents the trend of foreign tourist travels in the Northeast, from 2011-2014, as per paragraph 2.

Case based factual passage 2022-2023

A. Option 1
B. Option 2
C. Option 3
D. Option 4

ANS: B. Option 2

vi. Fill in the blank by selecting the correct option.
The study of tourist travel statistics in the Northeast, from 2005 to 2014 showed ___________results.

A. expected
B. encouraging
C. inconsistent
D. questionable

ANS: B. encouraging

vii. Substitute the word ‘witnessed’ with ONE WORD similar in meaning, in the following sentence from paragraph 2:

Foreign tourist arrivals in the Northeast witnessed a growth of……

ANS: observed/ recorded/ showed/ displayed

viii. List any 2 examples of ‘tourist facilities’ as referred to, in Paragraph 3.

ANS: Setting up accommodation facilities for tourists, and recreational facilities like gardens, and shopping areas can boost up tourism. Some basic add-ons like wifi availability and dedicated shuttle services matter a lot for tourists.

ix List one reason why the researchers recommend that the formulation of a tourism strategy in the NorthEastern States of India be sustainable.

ANS: The tourism strategy makers must keep in mind that it should not interfere with the socio-economic benefits of the local community to make it sustainable.

x.Select the option that titles paragraphs 1-3 appropriately, with reference to information in the text.

Case based passage with solutions

1. winds of change
2. numbers don’t lie
3. time for action

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