Case-Based Factual Passage with Answers – Vertical Gardening

This post presents a case-based factual passage about the functionality of an innovative style of gardening – vertical gardening.

Solving case-based unseen passages is an essential skill for students as it helps them to improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking abilities. Such passages present students with real-life scenarios that require them to analyze, interpret, and draw conclusions based on the information provided.

Case-Based Passage Vertical Gardening (fully solved)

Read the following text. (10 marks)
(1) Reduction in green areas has caused various environmental problems. People squeezed between concrete structures are looking for various ways to meet their longing for green. One of the ways to do so is through vertical gardens and green walls. Vertical gardening is a unique method of gardening where plants are grown in a vertical position or upward, rather than in the traditional method of planting them on the ground.

(2) The purpose of vertical gardens and green walls, which arises from the studies of different
disciplines (landscape architects, architects, engineers, etc.), is to close the cold image of concrete and increase its visual value. In these systems, nature and structures are integrated, and thus, urban areas and the desired environment have become intertwined.

(3) Vertical garden case studies often show that, though functionality should be in the foreground when vertical gardens are planned, they are generally made as aesthetic elements in the city’s underpasses and city squares, and decorative elements in residences, without seeking functionality.

(4) Experts support that the visual quality and evaluation of landscape architecture is determined based on the satisfaction of the users. Hence, a survey questionnaire was prepared for residents of varied age groups from of a metropolitan city.

The given Table displays these responses:

No.Survey statementsStrongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
1Vertical gardens improve quality of life of people in urban areas19113843919
2Reduce noise pollution12816477256
3Increase air quality -indoors and outdoors17214751282
4Reduce energy and water consumption5847125682
5Positively impact global warming114144106306
6Have a relaxing and calming effect16117744711
7Cost too much861071524213
8Make plants look beautiful19513944616
9Add naturalness to the environs135173552512
10Are among the determining factor to visiting a place591331415413
11Are inconvenient indoors98412312648
12Can be applied in every place71132977723
13Have a functional feature81207100102
14Distract drivers3410110613128
15Funds are best used for social issues577210013041

Source: CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24

Answer the following questions, from the case-based passage about vertical gardening –

i Complete the following analogy appropriately, based on your understanding of paragraphs 1 & 2.
We can say that the situation of people living in concrete structures is comparable to a fish living in a fishbowl, and the need for vertical gardens to the need for decorations in the fishbowl because ___.

ANS: because the decorative plants and rocks inside an aquarium/fishbowl simulate the feeling of a natural habitat for fishes. Similarly, vertical gardens can provide physical and mental well-being to people living in concrete structures.

ii Fill in the blanks with the appropriate option from those given in brackets, based on your understanding of paragraph 2.
The statement that, urban spaces have become more closely connected with the desired natural surroundings through the incorporation of nature and structures in vertical gardens and green walls, is a __________(fact/ opinion) because it is a _______ (subjective judgement/ objective detail).

ANS: Opinion, subjective judgement
It is a subjective statement whereby some people express their opinion that vertical gardens or green walls have connected concrete with nature. But it can’t be called a fact because everyone does not feel the same way.

iii Justify the following, in about 40 words.
While the survey results suggest that vertical gardens may be effective in improving the quality of life in urban areas, further research and evaluation may be necessary to fully understand their effectiveness and potential drawbacks.

ANS: Based on the survey findings, it can be stated that the majority of people approve of the idea of incorporating vertical gardens in urban areas. However, in order to ensure its sustainability and value as a worthwhile investment of time and money, further research and evaluation are necessary to understand the functional features of this innovative approach.

iv Based on the survey results, which two concerns should a city government, looking to install vertical gardens, address?

ANS: Before installing vertical gardens, city governments should first consider the high installation and maintenance costs. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid fitting them on busy roads due to the potential risk of driver distractions.

v In Table 1, statement 3, “Vertical gardens increase air quality – indoors and outdoors,” received the most neutral responses from participants, with 51 respondents indicating a neutral stance. State any one inference that can be drawn from this.

ANS: Participants may not be fully informed or aware of the effects of vertical gardens on air quality, which could contribute to the neutral response.


It is possible that participants did not have a strong opinion or preference regarding the effect of vertical gardens on air quality, which resulted in a neutral response.

vi Select the option that correctly displays what ‘intertwined’ signifies. (Reference-Paragraph 2)

Class 10 English Sample Paper 2023-24 Fully Solved - ESSAYSHOUT

A. (i) , (iv) and (v)
B. Only (ii)
C. Only (iii)
D. (ii) and (v)

ANS: B. Only (ii)
Intertwined meaning: to twist in a way that is difficult to separate, for example – females braid their hair tightly.

vii Infer one benefit and one drawback of vertical gardening, in comparison to other solutions, such as community gardens or parks. (Answer in about 40 words)

ANS: Advantages of vertical gardens over other green spaces-
a. They can be installed in small spaces, making them ideal for urban areas with limited space.
b. They also offer aesthetic and design benefits, as they can be customized to fit specific architectural styles or preferences.
Disadvantages of vertical gardens over other green spaces-
a. May not provide as much space for outdoor recreation as community gardens or parks do.
b. The cost of installation and maintenance may be higher than for other types of green spaces.

viii Which of the following is the main takeaway from the study mentioned in the passage?

A. Vertical gardening has minimal impact on the environment or human well-being.
B. Vertical gardening is a sustainable practice that can transform urban spaces into green areas.
C. The impact of vertical gardening on the environment and human well-being has already been thoroughly explored.
D. The study needs to include experts from horticultural firms to offer any recommendations for further research.

ANS: B. Vertical gardening is a sustainable practice that can transform urban spaces into green areas.

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