How to Boost Immunity during Covid19 Crisis

We all know that there are no medicines available till now to cure covid 19. So, the only option available to us is to boost our immunity to keep ourselves safe and strong. What do we mean by IMMUNITY? Our body’s own defence system that fights with illness and diseases is termed as IMMUNITY.

Indian traditional ayurvedic system is enriched with the goodness of natural and potent herbs that can fight almost every illness. I am sharing all the tips and tricks that helped me and my family to safely come out of Covid 19 without hospitalization. Below you will find these easy to follow tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Boost Immunity during Covid19 Crisis

1 Take Chyawanprash with Breakfast– I can recommend Dhootpapeshwar Swamala Chywanprash from my personal experience. It is costlier than other easily available chyawanprash in the market. But, it is worth spending that money. I bought it for rupees 1100. But, now it is available at a lesser price.

It is not available on all general stores, because it is prepared by an ayurvedic medicine-making company; Dhootpapeshwar. Don’t fall for cheap brands, they will add nothing more than sugar to your diet.

2 Drink Herbal Tea (KADHA)– It can simply be made at home with tulsi, black pepper, Dalchini, dry ginger, munakka simmered in water. If you can’t assemble all these ingredients and are always in a hurry like me then you can get Ayush Immunity Tea pack to get the same benefits.

However, keep in mind to boil it over low flame to extract its full potential. One more tip, do not drink it daily, twice in a week is enough. As it is made of all the hot herbs, it may cause tongue blisters and loose stomach if taken more frequently. Excess of everything is bad for health.

3 Oil Pulling Therapy Take 1 tsp SESAME oil in your mouth. Swish it in your mouth without gulping down for at least five minutes. After that spit it off directly into the dustbin.

Spitting in the washbasin may choke your drainage pipes. Try to locate any local oil extractor and ask him for the edible type or any variant of Seaseme oil available on Amazon. It can be applied to your nostrils.

4 Steam Inhalation – Start steam inhalation on day 1 of catching any infection. I resort to it as soon as any family member sneezes or coughs. Do not forget to add EASIBREATHE INHALANT CAPSULES to the boiling water. Plain water’s steam will give you only 10% relief. This capsule contains eucalyptus oil which is capable of clearing the nose and lungs of infections if taken regularly and started at an early stage.

You do not know, what a steamer is? I am surprised to hear that but, you can check home steamer at amazon. These are easily available at every chemist shop. Go and buy one before the emergency approaches you.

These tips and tricks can help you boost your immunity to fight with any respiratory illnesses including covid 19. Share these easy and not so costly immnunity boosting natural tips to your friends and family.

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