Bholi Question Bank Fully Solved | MCQ, Short, Long Questions

Here you will find CBSE 10th Class L-9 Footprints Without Feet Bholi MCQ, short and long question answers. This question bank was released by CBSE to give students a glimpse of the lately introduced competency-based questions. CBSE question bank, 2021 contains MCQ, short and long questions for 2022-23 exam. These extra questions of Bholi will help you prepare for your final board exams.

Q3 Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract.
(A) “Ramlal stood rooted to the ground, his head bowed low with the weight of grief and shame. The flames of the sacred fire slowly died down. Everyone was gone. Ramlal turned to Bholi and said, “But what about you, no one will ever marry you now. What shall we do with you?” And Sulekha said in a voice that was calm and steady. “Don’t you worry, Pitaji! In your old age, I will serve you and Mother and I will teach in the same school where I learnt so much. Isn’t that right, Ma’am?” The teacher had all along stood in a corner, watching the drama. “Yes, Bholi, of course,” she replied. And in her smiling eyes was the light of deep satisfaction that an artist feels when contemplating the completion of her masterpiece.”

i Ramlal stood rooted to the ground because he
a) was moved by what he heard.
b) was influenced by Bholi’s words
c) was in a state of shock.
d) was in an immovable position.

ii Bholi had refused to get married as
a) her father couldn’t afford the dowry that was demanded
b) the bridegroom had been greedy and was disrespectful
c) the bridegroom had insulted her father
d) her father was getting her married to a man older than her

iii Pick the sentence that brings out the meaning of ‘contemplating’ as used in the extract.
a) Contemplating sharing my belongings with someone is definitely tough.
b) She took some time to respond as she was contemplating what to say.
c) I was contemplating my reflection in the mirror and was speechless.
d) She was contemplating through the pages of the document that was with her.

iv Why did the teacher stand in one corner watching the drama?
a) She was elated to see what was happening.
b) She wanted to see what Bholi would be doing.
c) She didn’t want to interfere in a family matter.
d) She had faith in Bholi standing up for herself.

v Pick the option that includes the correct matches of Column A with Column B.

Column AColumn B
I. Bholi i) independent and confident
II. Ramlal ii) burden less and free
III. Teacheriii) sense of contentment and accomplishment
iv) embarrassed and anxious

(a) I-(ii); II-(iv); III-(iii)
(b) I-(i); II-(iv); III-(iii)
(c) I-(iii); II-(ii); III-(i)
(d) I-(ii); II-(iii); III-(iv)

CBSE Class 10 Bholi Question Bank Answer Key

  1. c) was in a state of shock.
  2. b) the bridegroom had been greedy and disrespectful
  3. b) She took some time to respond as she was contemplating what to say.
  4. d) She had faith in Bholi standing up for herself.
  5. b) I-i; II-iv; III-iii

Class 10 Footprints Without Feet Lesson 9 Bholi MCQ B

(B) “What’s the matter with you, you fool? Shouted Ramlal. “I am only taking you to school.” Then he told his wife, “Let her wear some decent clothes today or else what will the teachers and the other schoolgirls think of us when they see her? New clothes had never been made for Bholi. The old dresses of her sisters were passed on to her. No one cared to mend or wash her clothes. But today she was lucky to receive a clean dress that had shrunk after many washing and no longer fitted Champa. She was even bathed and oil was rubbed into her dry and matted hair. Only then did she believe that she was being taken to a place better than her home! When they reached the school, the children were already in their classrooms.”

i Why did Ramlal call Bholi a fool? This was because
a) Bholi had become hysterical and was screaming.
b) Bholi shouted in fear and pulled her hand away.
c) Bholi was behaving foolishly and was running away.
d) Bholi had been behaving very strangely with her father.

ii Pick the sentence that brings out the meaning of ‘decent’ as used in the extract.
a) He gets a decent amount of salary.
b) One must be decent when having a conversation with strangers.
c) She was dressed in a decent manner for the interview.
d) It was very decent of him to lend me some money.

iii Pick the option that best describes how Bholi felt at the end of her first day in school.
a) lost and scared
b) calm and peaceful
c) elated and peaceful
d) hopeful and elated

iv Why was Bholi’s hair matted?
a) It was entangled and oiled.
b) It was never oiled or combed.
c) It was not combed regularly.
d) It was unkempt and oiled.

v What fear did Bholi have when she was told about being taken to school?
a) She thought she was going to be neglected by her parents.
b) She thought her parents were going to get rid of her.
c) She felt that she would be thrown out of the house and sold.
d) She thought her parents were thinking of ways to throw her out.

Bholi Question Bank MCQ B Answer key

  1. b) Bholi shouted in fear and pulled her hand away.
  2. c) She was dressed in a decent manner for the interview.
  3. d) hopeful and elated
  4. b) It was never oiled or combed.
  5. c) She felt that she would be thrown out of the house and sold.

Bholi Competency-Based Very Short Question Answer

Q10 Answer in 20-30 words
i Ramlal was worried about Bholi as she didn’t have good looks. Counter the belief that it’s important for a girl to be good-looking and give a reason for the same.

ANS: In today’s world girls can earn at par with boys. So, they are neither a showpiece nor a burden on others. Hence, a girl doesn’t have to be always good-looking irrespective of the boy’s appearance and status.


ANS: Besides a girl’s looks, her intelligence and confidence matter more to today’s youth. Today, girls are recognised and praised for their work rather than their appearance.

ii How did you feel when you read about Bholi being ignored and ill-treated by her parents as a child?

ANS: I felt bad about her parents’ ill-treatment. She was unfortunate that destiny did not favour her. Her parents’ dejection worsened her situation and pushed her even backwards. Parents should always work for the upliftment of their children.

iii Do you think Bholi could have confidently refused to marry Bishamber if she weren’t educated? Give reason/s.

ANS: Without education, she could not have mustered up the courage and confidence to refuse to marry the groom of her parent’s choice. Now, she could earn and feed her old parents with self-respect.

iv How would you have reacted if you were one of the guests witnessing Bholi’s wedding when she refused to marry Bishamber Nath?

ANS: If I were a guest at Bholi’s wedding, I would have supported Bholi’s decision and praised her for displaying courage and boldness to stand against the orthodox of society.

v Do you think Bholi’s father would have agreed to the match if her mother hadn’t insisted upon it? Why/ Why not?

ANS: No, Bholi’s father was doubtful about the groom’s age but her mother’s insistence and orthodox arguments convinced him to marry off their daughter to Bishambhar.

Bholi Question Bank Short Question Answer Fully Solved

Q11 Answer in 40-50 words
i Bholi’s parents accepted the match for her though Bishamber Nath was nearly the same age as her father. Bholi also accepted her parents’ decision without voicing her opinion.
a) What does this tell you about the social conditions prevailing in our society?
b) How do you think these problems can be addressed?

ANS: a) This story tells us that girls were considered a burden on their parents and they were not discussed on any matter not even in selecting their life partner. Earlier girls too accepted it as their fate and did not raise their voices against any partiality.

b) These problems can be addressed by educating the whole society. People should be made aware that men and women have equal rights. 

ii You’ve read the quote: ‘A teacher affects eternity. He can never tell where his influence stops.’ In the context of this statement, comment on the role of Bholi’s teacher in her life.

ANS: Bholi’s teacher supported her by showing confidence in her. She helped her in the school lessons but “a teacher affects eternity”. It was her influence that made Bholi differentiate between right and wrong. Now, she could speak boldly in front of all to save her own life as well as her parents honour and respect.

Hint: ‘A teacher affects eternity. He can never tell where his influence stops.’ meaning in Hindi – एक अच्छे शिक्षक का प्रभाव केवल विद्यार्थी जीवन तक ही सीमित ना रहकर अंत समय यानि कि मृत्यु तक रहता है।

iii You and your friend have a conversation about prevalent discrimination between boys and girls, even today. Write the dialogue. You may begin like this:
Friend: I don’t think discrimination in terms of gender is a thing of the past.
You: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Friend: Hmmm. Yes, I agree, though we are in the 21st century it continues blatantly in many parts of the country.
You: ………………………………….

ANS: Bholi Dialogue based Question
A conversation about prevalent discrimination between boys and girls,
Friend: I don’t think discrimination in terms of gender is a thing of the past.
You: No, we are living in the 21st century where girls and boys are treated equally.
Friend: Hmmm. Yes, I agree, though we are in the 21st century it still continues blatantly in many parts of the country.
You: Exceptions are always there. Some states of India still face gender discrimination. I think our government is doing a lot to curb this practice. 100% equality can be brought in only when the public participates.
Friend: What can we do?
You: We should educate our children and spread awareness among adults to stop discrimination among boys and girls.
Friend: I think you are right.

iv Which character traits of Bholi have had an everlasting impression on you? Why?

ANS: When Bholi’s teacher asked her name, she stammered and could not speak her name. All the students laughed at her but she did not give up. Gradually, with the help and support of her teacher, she became bold and confident. Her never give up attitude impressed me a lot.

Class 10 Perception Based Questions | Bholi Question Bank Long Questions (Solved)

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words
i After reading Bholi’s story you decide to write a blog on the importance of educating the girl child and how it empowers her. Write that blog expressing your views.

ANS: Power of Education

Yesterday, I read the story of Bholi, a neglected child. It provoked me to rethink the importance of education; especially for a girl child. They say, “A teacher affects eternity, you never know how much the impact lasts”. Additionally, a mother is the first teacher of a child. If a mother is educated she can make a difference in the whole family’s thought process. Education broadens her intellect and awareness. Thus, she safeguards herself from dominating men in society. Bholi’s parents were marrying her off to a lame, greedy and middle-aged man. But, the power of education made her capable of raising her voice against it. Besides, she was confident enough to face the consequences of challenging the age-old stereotypes. Today, women can work in any field and earn money equal to their male counterparts. We must try to narrow the gap of gender discrimination by educating our girl children.

ii Imagine you are Bholi and you have been invited by a girl’s secondary school in another village to address a group of students about being independent, fearless and breaking stereotypes. Write that speech.

ANS: Hello students!
It is an honour to stand here and share my life experiences with you. Today, you find me a confident and self-dependent girl. But it was totally the opposite before I joined a school. I was fearful, dependent, ignorant and a stammerer. But, my school helped me to get educated and my teacher supported me in bringing out my hidden confidence.

Education is a weapon. You get a chance to explore your latent talents and capabilities through education which makes you fearless. A confident person can distinguish between right and wrong. You must think twice before accepting the stereotypes laid down by society for us. Through education, I could muster up the courage to refuse to marry a greedy man who disgraced my parents. Today, I can earn like my brother and give financial support to my old parents. In the end, I want to say that you must educate yourself and show your real worth to the world.
Good Luck to all of you! 

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