Which Sample Paper is Best for Class 10 CBSE English

Most students get scared in exam halls, and not having a proper practice is the reason behind this. With the introduction of multiple features in sample paper books, these are prescribed for best revision for Class 10 English Language & Literature.

Sample papers are the copy of real exams and sometimes students have to practise more sample papers which include exact patterns as per the CBSE’s latest guidelines. Because course books have limited questions to prepare, students get another option to practise more questions. 

But one important point to note is that as soon as CBSE Sample Papers are released, students look for the latest pattern books to prepare for the exam. But why do students need a sample paper book? Let us find the answer to this question in this article.

Top 4 Sample Papers for Class 10 English 2023-24 Exam | Top 4 Sample Paper Honest Review

Review of Best reference books in the market

For English, students usually do self-study. And a better way to do a revision is to pick up a sample paper for a better understanding of multiple questions.

Here are the top 4 books for CBSE English Sample Papers for Class 10. Pick one which suits best for all your needs. 

Educart Sample Paper 2023 CBSE Class 10 English

Class 10 English Sample Paper

Educart books are best known for covering all new pattern questions, along with detailed and structured solutions. It includes a short summary of all chapters with some essential focus points. The best part is its self-evaluation chart (based on CBSE Marking Scheme Solutions) separates out weak and strong lessons.

It includes 10 sample papers per subject (7 solved + 3 Self-practice unsolved papers), along with the CBSE sample paper, which is a true value for your money. Providing a good number of sample papers is important but having quality content is more important, which is exactly what Educart is providing.

Not only this, the Educart English 22-23 sample paper has all new pattern questions with a time management table to provide an estimated breakdown of time while attempting the paper. We know how crucial it is to complete the paper on time. 

Oswal Sample Paper 2022-23 CBSE Class 10 English

Class 10 English Sample Paper

Oswaal books too have earned a reputation over so many years. It gives tough competition to other publishers in the market. Oswal books are considered best for their answers because they have good quality solutions. The answers in the book are clear and concise with language that is understandable, making it a great add-on point. 

The grammar of the book is excellent. All the letters, essays, and passages are written comprehensively. It has step-wise solutions for how to write short and lengthy definitions and structured answers. They also include toppers answers, on-tip notes, mind maps and mnemonics. 

But a drawback is that the number of sample papers is not enough as compared to other publishers. It has 5 Solved & 5 Self-Assessment Papers which are not as per the mark and brings it to 2nd rank.

Xam Idea Sample Paper 2022-23 CBSE Class 10 English

Class 10 English Sample Paper

Students who want to practise likewise questions given in sample papers should definitely choose Xam Idea books. Every point is explained from the exam point of view. It also has explanations of each answer for clear clarification which enhances your grip overwriting an answer with proper format. That is why it gets the highest rating in that part. 

This sample paper uses topper answers in some questions but it is not much as compared to others. The only drawback is that they do not follow the 100% latest paper pattern, which is the biggest drawback, which affects the quality of the book.

All-in-one by Arihant Sample Paper 2022-23 CBSE Class 10 English

Class 10 English Sample Paper

Arihant’s books are excellent. It has a CBSE sample paper with different typologies of questions such as case-based, short and long answer type questions in each chapter.

The book structure and the number of questions are good. Smart methods like bulleted points, comparison tables, and structured answers are given better. Also, they follow the breakdown of marks according to the marking scheme. This is a great cover point.

Also, it contains grammatical errors here and there. English books with grammatical errors are unthinkable. All the figures of speech in poems are not given. The publisher should add all the literary devices to all the poems.


After analysing the pros and cons of each sample paper you can buy the best suited for your needs. Oswal and Educart are mostly appreciated by students for the true value of money. Those who can’t afford to buy the sample papers should stay updated on Essayshout. Important content will be published here before others. Happy Learning!

CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2022-23 Fully Solved
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