5 Latest Poems on Women’s Day 8th March

As Women’s Day approaches on 8th March, it’s important to take a moment to celebrate the strength, courage, and resilience of women everywhere. To honour this special occasion, I’ve written five original poems that highlight various roles of women in our lives and society. From mothers and daughters to leaders and changemakers, these poems showcase the incredible impact of women on our world. So, without further ado, join me in celebrating the power of women on this special day.

5 Poems for Women’s Day 8th March

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Today is Women’s Day,

And it’s all about you.

You’re smart and strong,

And capable too,

You’re changing the world,

In everything you do.

So take a moment,

To celebrate yourself,

For all the amazing things,

That you’ve accomplished and helped.

4 Line Poem for Women’s Day

Women strong and fierce,

Breaking barriers with ease,

Unstoppable and fearless,

Marching on with pride and peace.

Happy Women’s Day to all the girls out there, Keep shining your light and showing the world you care.

Women’s Day Poem

Women shine so bright,

With grace and strength, they stand upright,

From homemaker to CEO,

They break stereotypes and let their talent flow.

They balance tradition and modernity,

Their spirit filled with passion and diversity,

From every corner of the land,

Women are a force to reckon and stand.

With their determination and will,

They inspire and create, the impossible to fulfil,

And as they march ahead with pride,

They light up the nation, far and wide.

So let’s celebrate and cherish, Our mothers, sisters, and daughters with flourish, For they are the ones who make, Our nation proud with every step they take.

How would a kid of 10 years write a poem about women’s day?

A 10-year-old may write a poem about Women’s Day using simple language and imagery that resonates with them. Here’s an example of an easy women’s day poem –

Easy Women’s Day Poem for Kids

Women’s Day is a special day,

To honour ladies in every way,

They work hard every single day,

In different roles, in every way.

Moms, sisters, and grandmas too,

Teachers, doctors, and leaders who,

Inspire us to be our best,

And stand tall, above the rest.

Women are brave, kind, and smart,

With love and strength in every part,

We thank them for all they do,

And celebrate them the whole year through.

So let’s show them how much we care, With love and gratitude, beyond compare, Happy Women’s Day to all the queens, Who rule the world with all their means!

Women are like Coconut

Here’s a poem that incorporates the imagery of coconut to describe women:

A woman is like a coconut,

Soft from inside and hard from outside,

She may seem fragile at first glance,

But don’t be fooled, for she can withstand any circumstance.

Her exterior may seem tough,

But inside lies a heart full of love,

She nurtures and cares with all her might,

And holds her family close, day and night.

She’s sweet, like the coconut’s water,

Refreshing and comforting, like a mother’s laughter,

Yet, she can be firm and unyielding,

When it comes to protecting and providing.

So, let us celebrate the woman who’s like a coconut in every way, A perfect blend of strength and softness who makes this world a better place, every day.

Please comment below to let us know which Women’s day poem you liked the most or criticised the most.

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