ASL Topics for Class 9, 11 | Politeness Speech & Probable Questions

Here is an example topic for your English language Assessment of Speaking and Learning (ASL). It is a short speech on politeness. The probable questions that your teacher or your classmate might ask you.

ASL Topics for Class 9, 11 | Politeness Speech & Probable Questions

Politeness is an important characteristic of a civilized person. A polite person tries to put people at ease. It can be done with the slight sacrifice of personal comfort. Politeness is a skill. You can master it with practice.

The greatest enemy of politeness is ego. You have to apply politeness in your thinking, speech and actions. Polite actions will give positive results. Politeness will reduce your stress and keeps you mentally healthy.

Apart from immediate benefits, you protect your future as well. A polite person creates a niche for himself and immediately attracts people.

Politeness is both a duty and a valuable possession. It costs nothing but in many cases brings much profit.
The opposite of politeness is rudeness which can be the reason for many breakups. We should try to inculcate this virtue starting from our childhood itself.

Probable questions

Q 1 According to you who is a civilized person?
Ans: A civilised person should be honest, calm, polite and compassionate.

Q 2 Who can be called an uncivilized man?
Ans: A dishonest and rude person can be called an uncivilized man.

Q 3 How would you define politeness?
Ans: According to me Politeness can be defined as making others feel comfortable in our company.

Q 4 What can be the opposite behaviour of politeness?
Ans: Rudeness 

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