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Speech 1

Good morning everyone,

Have you ever heard of something called “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI” for short? It may sound like a difficult topic, but it’s pretty simple. AI is when computers or machines can do things that normally require human intelligence, like seeing, hearing, or even learning!

Think about how you can recognize your friends’ faces or voices, or how you can learn new things by listening to your teacher. Well, AI can do those things too! But instead of using eyes and ears as we do, machines use special sensors and programs that allow them to “sense” and “understand” the world around them.

One cool example of AI is something called a “smart speaker,” like Amazon Echo or Google Home. These devices use AI to listen to your voice and understand what you’re saying. They can answer your questions, play your favourite songs, and even control your home’s lights and temperature!

Another example is self-driving cars. These cars use AI to “see” the road and other cars around them, and make decisions about when to speed up, slow down, or turn. They can even park themselves! Isn’t that amazing?

But AI isn’t just about making cool gadgets. It can also help us solve big problems in the world, like finding new cures for diseases, predicting natural disasters, and even fighting climate change!

Of course, AI isn’t perfect, and sometimes it makes mistakes. That’s why we need to be careful and responsible when we use it. We have to make sure that we’re using AI to help people, not harm them.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence is an amazing technology that helps us do things we never thought possible. It can make our lives easier and solve big problems, but we need to use it responsibly. Who knows what amazing things AI will help us do in the future? Maybe you will be the one to invent the next AI breakthrough!

Speech 2

Good morning, boys and girls!

Today, I want to talk to you about something really exciting called AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI is a special kind of technology that helps computers think and learn, just like how we humans do!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite games on tablets or phones work? Well, AI is one of the reasons behind that magic! It helps the games understand what you want to do and reacts accordingly. Isn’t that amazing?

AI is not just for games, though. It can also help us in many other ways. For example, have you ever seen a robot vacuum cleaner? It can clean the floors all by itself because of AI. It knows where to go and how to avoid obstacles. It’s like having a smart helper at home!

AI is also used in virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa. These assistants can talk to us, answer questions, and even play music for us. They can understand our words and do tasks for us. It’s like having a friendly companion who is always ready to help!

But how does AI work? Well, it’s like a big brain made up of lots of computer programs. These programs can learn from the information they receive and become smarter over time. They can recognize patterns, solve problems, and even make decisions.

However, it’s important to remember that AI is created by humans, and it needs our guidance and supervision. It’s like having a robot friend that follows our instructions. We have to make sure it’s used for good things and doesn’t harm anyone.

So, boys and girls, AI is a fascinating technology that helps computers think and learn. It’s like having a clever friend who can do many things. As we grow older, we might even have more opportunities to learn about AI and use it in our lives.

I hope you found this introduction to AI interesting. Keep exploring and learning new things, because who knows, maybe one day you’ll become an AI expert yourself!

Thank you for listening, and have a wonderful day ahead!

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