Artificial Intelligence Poem | School Assembly Poem on AI

The World of AI

In a world of code and light,
Where machines grow ever bright,
Artificial Intelligence reigns,
In circuits, wires, and data chains.

It learns from patterns, big and small,
Solves our problems, answers calls,
From games to cars, it shows the way,
Guiding us through night and day.

It chats with us, a friendly bot,
Predicts our likes, knows quite a lot,
It paints, it writes, it even sings,
AI can do amazing things.

But with great power comes a thought,
To use it wisely, not for naught,
For in the end, it’s up to us,
To make it kind, fair, and just.

So let’s embrace this tech so grand,
And shape the future, hand in hand,
With AI by our side, we’ll find,
A brighter world for humankind.

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