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Here you will find Appalling meaning in English and Hindi. Our site is different from other English site where you land up to find the meaning of English words but do not understand them properly. After reading the meaning of English words, try to read the sentence examples given below. These sentences have been penned down specifically for Indian students or people whose native language is not English. Comment below with your own sentences.

What is Appalling Meaning? | How to write Appalling in a Sentence?

Appalling Meaning: something that causes fear, unrest and disgust

Appalling Meaning in Hindi: डर या भय पैदा करने वाला

Appalling is diferent from Appealing which means to attract somebody/something

Appalling Sentences Examples

  1. The state of the public restrooms in the railway station was truly appalling, with overflowing toilets and a terrible stench.
  2. The recent outbreak of dengue fever in the city was an appalling public health crisis, with thousands of people affected.
  3. The lack of safety measures at the construction site was truly appalling, resulting in several accidents and injuries.
  4. The condition of the roads during monsoon season is always appalling, with potholes and waterlogging causing major traffic disruptions.
  5. The treatment of domestic workers in some households is truly appalling, with many facing abuse and exploitation.
  6. The state of healthcare in some rural areas of India is truly appalling, with inadequate facilities and a shortage of doctors.
  7. The state of sanitation in some slums is truly appalling, with overflowing garbage and a lack of proper sanitation facilities.
  8. The air pollution in some of the major cities of India is truly appalling, with toxic fumes causing respiratory problems.
  9. The state of the government schools in some parts of the country is truly appalling, with poor infrastructure and a lack of basic amenities.
  10. The treatment of female workers in some factories is truly appalling, with many facing discrimination and harassment.

Appalled Sentence examples

  1. She was appalled to see her mother’s dead body lying there for 3 days.
  2. I was appalled to see the moving lice in the beggar’s dirty and smelly hair.
  3. The weird sounds coming from the haunted house appalled me instantly.
  4. Initially, the Russia-Ukraine war news appalled the world.
  5. The stranger appeared suddenly in my way and appalled me to stumble down.

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