Anne Justified her Being a Chatterbox in her Essay. Do you agree?

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Q Anne Justified her Being a Chatterbox in her Essay. Do you agree?


Q How did Anne justified her being a chatterbox in her essay?

ANS: In her essay, Anne justified her tendency to talk a lot. I agree with her to some extent. Anne believed that talking was not just random chatter, but a skill with convincing arguments. She acknowledged that although others might consider her a chatterbox, she argued that talking was a student’s nature. She accepted the challenge to control it, but pointed out that her mother shared the same trait. Inherited tendencies are hard to change. I think Anne had a valid point. Expressing oneself and engaging in conversation are important, but finding a balance is key. Anne recognized her behavior’s roots and aimed to manage it, showing maturity in her perspective. So, while she justified being a chatterbox, she also understood the need for moderation.

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