Analytical Paragraph Class 10 Format, Examples

The present generation is well updated in the use of the internet and computers. Let’s look at the data arising out of a recent survey that was done to ascertain the time spent on the utilisation of the computer and internet for varied purposes. Write an analytical paragraph for the above bar chart in 100-120 words.

Analytical Paragraph examples class 10

It is a sample question on analytical paragraph writing for class 10 to improve writing and analysing skills. You should first write your own answer, then self check with our sample answer given below.

Analytical Paragraph Class 10 CBSE Format/Example

To score full marks it is important that you follow the right format while writing an analytical paragraph in your exams. Students are asking- What is the format of an analytical paragraph? CBSE has prescribed the following format to write an analytical paragraph for class 10.

  1. It should be written in a single paragraph containing 100-120 words only.
  2. Paraphrasing
  3. use of appropriate functional language (more/less/ increase/ decrease/stable etc.) to achieve cohesion-
  4. accuracy in analysis- at least 4 clearly identified trends
  5. conclusion
  6. 3 marks for content and 2 marks for Expression

Analytical Paragraph Sample Answer 1

The bar graph illustrates the time spent on the utilisation of computer and internet. It was observed in a recent survey that 50% of the population use the internet and computer every day. The usage includes academic, personal, official and leisure activities. The usage pattern of the e-mail was also illustrated. The maximum usage accounts for approximately 58% which is equal for official work and for leisure activity. Academic activities are successful in attracting only 8-9% of students once in a month. E-mail is still not the common medium for written communication. To conclude, 5% of people never use a computer and related activities besides its popularity and usefulness.

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Analytical Paragraph Sample Answer 2

The bar graph illustrates the time spent on the utilisation of the computer and the internet by people in a month.
According to the survey, all five usage reasons – academics, personal use, e-mail access, work, and leisure – witness at least 50% daily activity. It was observed that almost everyone use these facilities at least once a month for leisure, with 30% saying they use them once a week. The data revealed that people use computers for work at least once and very few (less than 10%)  never used e-mail. Computer and the internet for academic reasons on a daily basis are used by 50% of students and over 20% stated doing so 2-3 times a week. There were only 2% who never used these services for academics.
In short, it can be stated that the internet and computer are slowly penetrating every field of life.

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