Bar Graph Analytical Paragraph Class 10 Question Paper 2022

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Bar graph Analytical Paragraph Class 10

A survey was conducted in the National Capital in over twenty schools about the different activities that interest the children in the age group of 13 years to 15 years. Write a paragraph in not more than 120 words, analyzing the following information. 

Analytical Paragraph 2022 Question Paper

How do you write an analytical paragraph on a bar graph?

  1. It should be written in a single paragraph containing 100-120 words only.
  2. Paraphrasing
  3. use of appropriate functional language (more/less/ increase/ decrease/stable etc.) to achieve cohesion-
  4. accuracy in analysis- at least 4 clearly identified trends
  5. conclusion
  6. 3 marks for content and 2 marks for Expression
  7. How to Write an Analytical Paragraph

Bar Graph Analytical Paragraph CBSE 2022 Class 10 Question Paper (Answer 1)

The bar graph shows children aged 13 – 15 years from twenty schools interested in different activities ranging from dance, cricket, music, art and theatre.
It is evident from the graph that music is a clear-cut choice of all the students retaining a 100% preference by students. Cricket and theatre get an almost equal selection of approximately two-thirds of students. Dance and art attract are the least preferred leisure time activities with slightly less than half of the total students choosing them as their favourite activity.
In a nutshell, music is favoured by all the respondents. We must understand that each child is unique with a different set of interests and hobbies. Hence, they are widely distributed in their choice of free-time activities.
Word count: 123

Analytical Paragraph CBSE 2022 Class 10 Question Paper (Answer 2)

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