The monthly expenditure of a family is represented in the pie chart

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The monthly expenditure of a family is represented in the pie chart shown below. Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words, analysing the information in the pie chart to support your stand on how the family is using the money wisely.

Examples of Analytical Paragraph Class 10 Pie Chart from CBSE Additional Practice Paper 2023

The monthly expenditure of a family is represented in the pie chart

The pie chart displays the monthly expenditures of a family and indicates that food accounts for the largest portion of their spending, at 30%.
Education expenses come in second place, making up 25% of the budget. Rent and health care each account for 10% of the family’s spending, while transport and miscellaneous expenses make up 5% and 20% respectively.
It is evident that the family prioritizes spending on food and education over other expenses. Meanwhile, spending on transport and miscellaneous items are relatively low compared to the other categories. The fact that health care expenses are similar in amount to rent shows that the family takes good care of both their physical and financial health.
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Answer Recommended by CBSE

Sample Answer 2
The monthly expenditure of a family is represented in the given pie chart. Food and education make up 30% and 25% respectively of their monthly expenses. The family spends the most on these two areas. Miscellaneous items come next in order of percentage, that is, 20% which comprises money spent on both essential and luxury goods, such as clothes, gadgets, vacations, etc. Health care and rent take up 10% each. Transportation takes up the last 5% of their monthly expense. Overall the data shows that the family does maintain a good balance in expenditure. After spending on food, they have spent a significant amount on education. Spending 25% on it shows that the family gives it a lot of importance. About 80% of the total money is spent on liabilities, and the remaining 20% is spent on other items.
In conclusion, we can say that this family spends its money wisely indeed. (153 words

How to write an analytical paragraph on a pie chart?

Keep the following points in mind while writing an analytical paragraph on a pie chart –

  1. Introduction: Briefly mention the purpose of the chart and what it represents.
  2. Overview: Give a general idea of the data presented in the chart.
  3. Details: Discuss the most important or relevant parts of the data and compare them with each other.
  4. Trends: Identify any trends or patterns in the data.
  5. Conclusion: Summarize the main points of the data and provide a final observation or interpretation of the chart.

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