Analytical Paragraph on Impact of Lockdown and Covid 19

It is an exercise to write an analytical paragraph from a given pie chart. If you are unsure about how to write an analytical paragraph for the CBSE class 10 English subject, explore the Analytical Paragraph category.

Analytical Paragraph Solved Examples for Class 10

The recent pandemic has had an adverse effect on every facet of life. ‘Young Minds’ conducted a survey to show how the mental health of young people has been affected during this time. 2,111 young people took part in the survey which shows how the lockdown is not only impacting jobs and the economy but also mental health. Write an interpretation in 100-120 words on how lockdown in the times of COVID-19 has affected the mental health of young people.

Analytical Paragraph Sample Class 10

A recent survey conducted by Young Minds highlights the adverse effects of the 2020 lockdown.
The study illustrates that more than 25% of the people included in the survey felt depressed, which is indeed an alarming number. Adding to that, almost half of the respondents admitted to feeling worse than before. A very small percentage of 15% claimed that the lockdown made no difference in their well-being. Amidst the lockdown, only 13% claimed to feel better with more relaxation and rejuvenation. In contrast to the large number of people who feel worse, those who claim to feel much better are negligible.
In other words, the survey is an indication that more needs to be done to ensure that the mental health of people stays strong during emergencies.

Comparing words (words in orange colour) should be included to score a perfect score in analytical paragraph writing.

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