Excerpt Writing on Addiction to Internet and Television

What is Excerpt Writing?
How to write an Excerpt analysis?
What is an Analytical Paragraph?

Analytical Paragraph writing based on a given excerpt has been added to the class 10 syllabus in the revised syllabus. Being a new concept it needs a lot of practice by students. Question number 9 contains two choices relating to Analytical paragraphs; one is based on the information provided in the form of statistical data and charts and the other is based on the given excerpt from any newspaper or magazine. Students can opt to attempt anyone. But they should practise both types of questions to score full marks in exams. you can click here to know how to write an Excerpt analysis.

Read the following excerpt taken from an article that appeared in the magazine section of a local daily. “A recent study found that given the pressure of studies and addiction to the Internet and television, children are sleeping less than the required eight hours.” Given below are some findings of the study. Taking help from the clues, write an analytical paragraph for your school magazine.

The pressure of studies – spending time on social media, internet surfing – watching television – sleeping less at night – inattentive and sleepy during the daytime – hampered growth and development.

I agree with the given statement that addiction to the internet and television has reduced/interfered with the sleeping hours of children. In today’s competitive world students are already engrossed with school, tuition and extracurricular activities. In addition to that social media and modern gadgets consume a major chunk of time. Children get addicted to chatting on social media, playing virtual games and watching web series on the internet. All these activities keep them awake late at night. Consequently, they become inattentive and sleepy during the daytime. Children are unaware that less sleep can be detrimental to their health. Hence, parents and teachers must intervene by setting a fixed time for them to sleep at. Besides, making them understand the ill effects of less sleep on their growth and development can help in winning their persuasion.

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Read the following excerpt from an article that appeared in a monthly newsletter circulated among residents of a township.

The by-laws of some residential associations and management that ban owners and tenants from keeping pets in their apartments are justified. Write a paragraph to analyse the given argument. You could think about what alternative explanations might weaken the given conclusion and include rationale/evidence that would strengthen/counter the given argument. (For visually impaired candidates)

CBSE Sample Paper Term 2 Excerpt Writing Solution

I totally disagree with the statement given above. It is not at all justified to ban or forbid someone from keeping pets. Moreover, living in a democratic country means one can live with the companions of their choice. The animals do not harm others unless people agitate them. Rather, animals are unconditional lovers. In addition, pet animals fill the void in the lives of people living alone. Society members instead of fearing the pets should accept them as new family members. Besides, properly vaccinated domesticated animals are not a threat to the resident’s health.

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