Analytical Paragraph Examples of Class X

Here is a line graph showing the number of persons of different age groups killed in accidents. Analyse the given data in a paragraph of 100-120 words.

Analytical Paragraph Examples of Class X with solution

The line graph illustrates the number of persons of different age groups killed in accidents.

It is evident from the graph that the maximum number of people who are killed in road accidents are pedestrians. Among pedestrians, too, people of 16-25 age group record the highest number of accident deaths that is 800. Coincidentally, this age group faces the maximum motorbikers deaths in road accidents which is one-fourth of pedestrians’ deaths.

Whereas, people who die due to bus or car accidents belong to the 26-35 age group. But, after the age of 35 people get less caught in road accidents.

It can be concluded that 16-35 years of generation falls victim to road accidents more than the people who have crossed 35 years. However, pedestrians are at the highest risk of accidents followed by bus and car riders.

Tips- Analytical Paragraph

1.Observe the given graph before writing your answer.

2.One analytical paragraph writing question can have a different answer depending on the writer’s analysis and the choice of words.

3.Do not repeat the same words. Try to write their synonyms. For example, fall, reduce, diminish, decline, decrease all mean the same.

4.In the introduction, you can do paraphrasing, that is, copy-paste the same lines from the question itself with slight modification.

5.Include every important information in the body part, that is, the middle section of the paragraph.

6.try to start the conclusion with transition words, that is, to conclude, to summarize, in a nutshell, therefore etc.

Analytical Paragraph Examples of Class X with solution 2

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