Analytical paragraph Class 10 CBSE Board

What is Analytical Paragraph class 10 CBSE?
Students need to analyse and write in words the information presented in the form of a line chart, bar graph, table or pie chart. It requires you to observe the given information and write it in words not exceeding 120 words.

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Sample Question: Analytical Paragraph

The line graph below shows changes in the birth and death rates in New Zealand since 1901 and forecast until 2101. Analyse the graph and write your observations in a paragraph of 100-120 words. Do not add any extra information.

analytical paragraph class 10

Class 10 English Sample Paper 2021 (Fully Solved)

Analytical paragraph Class 10 – solution 1

The line graph shows changes in the birth and death rates in New Zealand since 1901 and forecast until 2101.
Between 1901 and the present day, the birth rate has been consistently higher than the death rate. It stood at 20,000 at the start of this period and increased to a high of 66,000. Since then the rate has varied between 65 to 50 thousand and it is expected to decline slowly to around 45,000 births.
On the contrary, the death rate started below 10,000 and increased steadily until the present time. This increase is expected to be faster between 2021 and 2051 when the rate will probably level off at around 60,000, before dropping slightly in 2101.
To conclude, these opposing trends mean that the death rate might overtake the birth rate around 2041 and the huge difference between the two levels may reverse after that.

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Analytical paragraph Class 10- solution 2

The line graph shows changes in the birth and death rates in New Zealand since 1901 and forecast until 2101.
Starting from the year 1901 both birth and death rates are increasing. After the year 1941 birth rate increased by more than double. While there was a sudden rise in the death rate after 2001 that is expected to continue till the year 2051. After which it might stabilise or record a slight fall after 2081.
The birth rate witnessed many ups and downs from 1961 to 2001. it is assumed to fall continuously after 2021.
It can be concluded that the population of New Zealand is expected to decline as the death rate will overtake the birth rate after the year 2041.

Example of Analytical Paragraph based on Pie Chart

Analytical paragraph Class 10 – solution 2

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The graph given above provides information about the birth rate and death rate in New Zealand from 1901 till 2101. The graph illustrates that from 1901 birth rate keep increasing at a great speed till 1941. The birth rate started fluctuating and falling since 1941.
On the other hand, the death rate keeps fluctuating till 2001. The birth rate was at a peak in 1961 and the death rate in 2061. In comparison to the birth rate death rate rapidly rises from 2021 and the birth rate gradually decreased. In short, the population seems to be balanced from 1961 and it is good otherwise we know the consequences of overpopulation.
It can be concluded from the graph that the death rate can overtake the birth rate after 2041.

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