Common Mistakes in Analytical Paragraph Writing Class 10

On this page, students can find out the common mistakes in Analytical Paragraph writing. The analytical paragraph is a new topic that was added to CBSE class 10 English to improve students’ analytical skills. But due to a lack of proper guidance and knowledge, some common errors in the analytical paragraph were observed by essayshout teachers and have been presented here for you to learn from others’ mistakes.

CONGRATULATIONS !! Jaskirat Kaur. Your answer has been selected for detailed Error Analysis.

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  1. Talking about the introduction first- do not write the word ‘above or below’ in the answer.
  2. When you are writing about a range of years, you can’t use ‘in’. Instead write ‘from or across’.
  3. The colour of the bars is not to be mentioned while writing an analytical paragraph. It’s for you to observe the graph.
  4. ‘purchasing of the computer’- your sentence making is wrong. Write correct and meaningful sentences.
  5. ‘Smartphones THEN computers’ while comparing two objects use the correct word- than.
  6. than- तुलना में and then- तब
  7. ‘snap up of computers’- I could not understand this line.
  8. Do not use personal pronouns- I, we etc.
  9. You need to learn analytical paragraph writing from the scratch. Watch this video carefully
  10. Read others’ comments and error analysis to improve your writing skills. Good Luck! Keep reading and commenting. Free Educart sample paper added on our youtube channel- Homework help by RG.

CONGRATULATIONS !! This answer has been contributed by Bhumika Pandey (************* A little more practice would make you an expert. Scroll down to know your mistakes and our suggestions.

Good Luck with your exams. Thanks for writing. We look forward to you.

Learn from others’ mistakes and score full marks while writing analytical paragraph answers.

  1. The word count is less than required. You must write between 100 and 120 words.
  2. It’s not RISHINAGAR; correct is RISHUNAGAR.
  3. ‘suddenly dropped sharply’, suddenly is not the right word here and its spelling is also incorrect.
  4. Do not give space before putting a comma. A comma is put directly after the word.
  5. ‘a increase’ is wrong, it must be written as ‘an increase’.
  6. Abbreviations can be accepted in Maths but not in English. Never write i.e. or e.g. etcetera in English exam.
  7. Bhumika just wrote the general analysis. Include some statistics like, rose by 10% or reduced by half.
  8. Watch this video to know the keywords to write the correct analytical paragraph answers.
  9. Essayshout gives you 3 out of 5 marks for this analytical paragraph answer.
  10. Better luck next time.
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