Analyse the Argument – Newspapers Should Go Online Class 10 English

This article would serve the following purposes –

  1. How to analyse a given statement
  2. how to express your opinion about an argument
  3. Show your agreement/disagreement

Newspapers should go online completely and we should do away with printed copies. Printing newspapers waste ink and paper in a digital age where most people get information from the internet.

Write a paragraph in about 120 words analyzing the given argument. You can think about what alternative explanations might weaken the given conclusion and include rationale/ evidence that would strengthen /counter the given argument.

Question Source: CBSE Class 10 English Competency-Based Questions

Sample Answer in Favour of the Statement

I strongly agree with the argument that newspapers should go completely online and that printed copies should be done away with. The argument makes a compelling case for this shift, given the environmental impact of printing newspapers. In the digital age where information is widely available online, the continued use of paper and ink seems unnecessary and unsustainable. Furthermore, the move to online platforms would allow newspapers to reach a wider audience and provide up-to-date news in real-time. Moreover, the move to online platforms can also lead to cost savings for newspapers. Printing and distribution costs can be substantial, and eliminating these expenses can allow newspapers to invest in other areas, such as digital marketing and content creation. Overall, the benefits of going completely online outweigh the drawbacks, and I believe that this is a necessary step towards a more sustainable and accessible future for journalism.

Sample Answer Against the Statement

I strongly disagree with the argument that newspapers should transition completely to online platforms due to the waste of ink and paper. Firstly, not all readers have equal access to the internet or possess the necessary technical skills to navigate online sources effectively. Furthermore, some readers still prefer the physical and tactile experience of reading a printed newspaper. Some people also find it easier to concentrate on reading a printed newspaper than on a screen, which can be distracting due to the abundance of digital stimuli available on the internet. Besides, the transition to digital formats can be economically unfeasible for the publishing and printing industry, which also provides employment opportunities. Therefore, while the argument for the complete digitization of newspapers may hold some validity, it is necessary to consider a range of factors before arriving at a definitive conclusion.

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