Analyse Statement – Many Students do not Participate in Classroom Discussions

Many students do not participate in classroom discussions while some students contribute valuable points. The curriculum should allot extra points to those who take active participation in the class so that students get motivated to share in discussions. Analyse this statement in 100 – 120 words giving rationale/evidence that would strengthen/weaken the argument.
Source: CBSE Question Bank 2022

Analytical Paragraph in Favour of the Argument –

I agree that the idea of allotting extra points to students who actively participate in classroom discussions has merit. Studies have shown that active participation in class can enhance student engagement, understanding, and retention of course material. Additionally, class discussions can foster critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, while also promoting a sense of community and collaboration among students.
Incentivizing participation through extra points could encourage more students to engage in class discussions, which can benefit not only the individual student but also the class as a whole. To conclude, the extra points could serve as a motivational factor for students who may be hesitant to share their thoughts in class, and it could help create a more inclusive learning environment.

Analytical Paragraph Against the Argument

While incentivizing class participation through extra points may seem like a good idea, it can also have some drawbacks. Firstly, this approach may only motivate certain types of students, such as those who are naturally outgoing or confident in their abilities. Students who are more introverted or shy may still not participate, even with the offer of extra points. This could lead to an uneven distribution of points and unfairness in the grading system.
Secondly, offering extra points for participation could lead to a focus on quantity over quality. Students may feel pressured to contribute to discussions simply to earn points, rather than offering thoughtful and insightful comments. This could hinder the quality of discussions and diminish the learning experience for all students.
Finally, the effectiveness of classroom discussions in promoting learning outcomes can vary depending on the subject matter and the instructor’s teaching style. Allocating extra points for participation may not be appropriate or effective in all contexts.

English Conversation – Should Classroom Discussions be Incentivized

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