How to Write an Essay on Myself with Examples

People often have trouble describing themselves and avoid it whenever they can, but it’s a good way to know more about themselves and develop further. Thus, here I’m writing an essay on myself for you to read about my strengths and weaknesses. Students can get a chance to explore themselves by writing about themselves. If you are unsure about beginning your write-up, you can take some help from the following example essay about me.

Essay on My Self for Class 12 | Myself Essay | My Self Essay Example

I’m Akshi Agrawal, and my name means eyes. I study in class 12th at St. Gregorios School. I was born and raised in Delhi. I live in a nuclear family and feel so blessed to have such a supportive and loving family.  Everyone loves spending some quality time with their family, and so do I. General conversations with family members can improve one’s speaking and listening skills to a great extent. I’m a good listener and advisor too.

My Passion

I have always had an ardent love for dance. I hold mastery in a classical dance form i.e. Bharatanatyam. My passion for dance encourages me to learn and perform different dance forms. Usually, my leisure time is consumed by writing articles, poetries, and much more. Or else, exploring new words, so as to enhance my vocabulary.

Besides, I love listening to music to relax my mind. I have a keen interest in DIYs and art and craft as well. Being a nature lover, I’m very fond of enjoying its beauty in other material worldly things.

While talking about nature the word ‘rain’ pops up first of all in my mind. I adore rain, as it brings a sigh of relief and soothes my soul. But, of course, one of the main reasons for which I love rain is petrichor. Generally, I want things more clean and perfect than usual.

My Ambitions in Life

Nowadays, the only thing ruling my mind is to strive for a lifestyle I have always dreamt of. It has been my goal to be well-positioned in life and to do so, lately, I have been planning to opt for a professional course as my career. Though several other options are there at the back of my mind, eventually, I’ll go for the one which suits my capability, so as to provide the best of myself.

There are several things, that I’m eager to learn, including, learning new languages (it has many cognitive benefits), calligraphy, playing the guitar, and a lot more. But, first and foremost, I’m looking ahead to grab an opportunity to be a part of social activism, women empowerment, etc.

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My Strengths

For me, the key to success is a combination of consistency and smart work. I believe setting goals is so pivotal to succeeding in life. A ship without radar drifts and ultimately sinks, like how, without aim, we would not know in which direction to move on.

I believe our lives are shaped by various experiences we encounter, whether good or bad. That’s why life’s perceptions are contingent on experiences. I have been believing in the ‘law of attraction’ for quite some time now. In layman’s language, it can be defined as one’s thoughts dictating one’s reality. Figuratively it means, that thoughts attract corresponding situations and circumstances in one’s life.

I have read a book called ‘The Secret’ which is based on this philosophy only. There’s a quote in this book, ” Your power is in your thoughts, so stay awake”. In other words, “remember to remember”, which caught my eye and inspired me to extract the positives out of every situation, and let the negatives drain out.
Being observant, even minor things out there, have my attention.

In my opinion, a person should be decisive, as once, I got a great piece of advice from one of my elders, that, there should be no space for regrets. Quite often, our decisions turn out unfavourable. But, crying over spilt milk is of no use; rather, we must chin up and positively keep stepping forward.

My Weaknesses

I dislike people who constantly criticise others. Since, the fact cannot be denied that there’s a thin line difference between, being opinionated and being a critic. I get so engrossed in the work that I ignore my health and the physical needs of a human body.

Conclusion: Essay on Myself

Clearly, our lives are shaped by various experiences we have encountered, whether good or bad, which play a significant role in altering the outlook we have towards our lives.

Self-confidence, a positive attitude, and gratitude are the tools which help me to overcome obstacles and lead a happy life. I’m so grateful for everything that life has served me to date.

Last but not least, everyone is unique and gifted in some way. Hence, Embrace the essence of who you are.
“Who you’re authentically is alright.” 

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