Amanda Important Word Meanings Sentences in Hindi

The meaning and usage of the following difficult words from Amanda Poem should be clear to students before writing class 10 Term 2 Subjective question answers. Some words are written in the poem itself while others are required to write Amanda’s answers. Amanda difficult words with their meanings and sentences are given below. You can frame your sentences and submit them in the comment section to our expert teachers for checking.

Line by line thorough reading of the lessons is even more important now. As we know that CBSE is focussing on Competency-based questions that include more vocabulary based questions, perception and inference based questions. To be able to answer these types of newly added questions, you need to expand your word power, that is, vocabulary. So, it’s an initiative by Essayshout to make students understand the meaning of difficult words encountered in CBSE class 10th textbooks. However, knowing a word’s meaning is of no use until and unless you learn to write it in sentences. That’s why we have included 3 sentences; one related to the story of the lesson and two general sentences to exemplify the new word’s correct usage. In addition, you can frame your own sentences to test yourself and get your sentences checked by our expert teachers.

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Amanda Word Meanings Sentences in Hindi | Class 10 difficult word meaning | Important for Term 2, 2022

Curtailed Meaning

to make something shorter or smaller, to reduce, to cut short
किसी चीज़ को छोटा या कम करना

How do you use Curtail in a sentence?

  1. Amanda feels that her freedom has been curtailed.
  2. I curtailed my answer because the teacher instructed me to write within the word limit.
  3. Teenagers do not like curtailment of their authority.

a languid, emerald sea Meaning

languid – slow, sluggish, lacking energy and enthusiasm, (here) a calm sea
निस्तेज, कमज़ोर, शिथिल
emerald – a green gemstone,
(a relaxed green coloured sea)
एक शांत हरे रंग का समुद्र (समुद्री पौधों के कारण हरा रंग)

How do you use languid in a sentence?

  1. Amanda wished to float on a languid emerald sea.
  2. This picture reminds me of the languid Dead sea.
  3. He looks languid but he is very hard working.

Hunch Meaning

to bend your back and shoulders forward
पीठ झुकाकर चलना, या बैठना, कूबड़ निकालकर चलना या बैठना

How do you use Hunch in a sentence?

  1. Amanda is being scolded by her parent for hunching her shoulders and not sitting straight.
  2. All the students sat hunched over books.
  3. Do not hunch over your computer if you want to avoid neck problems.

Slouching Meaning

to sit, stand or walk lazily, with your head and shoulders hanging down
सुस्‍ती से (सिर और बाँहें लटकाते हुए) बैठना; खड़ा होना या चलना, शरीर ढीला छोड़कर चलना या बैठना

How do you use Slouch in a sentence?

  1. Amanda’s parent wants her to stop slouching and sit up straight.
  2. I was slouchig on the sofa because I was very tired.
  3. Some people slouch through habit or they might have weak back.

What is the difference between SLOUCH and HUNCH?

Both these words are used to express the body posture that is not straight. But the major difference is that HUNCH is used to describe the curve in the backbone whereas SLOUCH shows the tiredness or exhaustion in the overall body.

Sole Inhabitant Meaning

living alone at someplace
किसी स्थान का अकेला निवासी, कहीं पर अकेले रहना

How do you use Sole Inhabitant in a sentence?

  1. Amanda expresses her wish to be the sole inhabitant of the sea.
  2. After a quarrel with my mother-in-law, I wanted to be the sole inhabitant of my home.
  3. That ghost was assumed to be the sole inhabitant of the haunted house.

Drifting Blissfully Meaning

happily floating on water
पानी या हवा में खुशी से बहना

How do you use Drifting Blissfully in a sentence?

  1. Amanda wanted to drift blissfully over the languid sea.
  2. Amateur swimmers drift blissfully in the swimming pool.
  3. It seems as if the leaves were drifting blissfully in the blowing air.

Tidy your room Meaning

to arrange/organise things at the proper place in your room
कमरे में फैले हुए सामान को सही जगह पर समेट कर रखना

How do you use Tidy your room in a sentence?

  1. Amanda’s parent is instructing her to tidy her room so that it looks clean.
  2. My mother called out me and directed to tidy the room after my friends left.
  3. If you keep your room tidy it is easier to find things.

Pattern dust Meaning

to create hand/feet marks in sand or dust
रेत या मिट्टी में हाथ/पैर से छापे या डिजाइन बनाना

How do you use Pattern dust in a sentence?

  1. Amanda imagines herself to be an orphan who is enjoying her freedom by creating pattern on dust with her bare feet.
  2. Kids love to create animals’ pattern with soft clay.
  3. The muddy feet of the theif left patterns all over the floor.

Hushed bare Feet Meaning

to walk quietly with naked feet, to walk quietly without wearing shoes or slippers.
नंगे पैर बिना शोर किये चलना

How do you use Hushed bare feet in a sentence?

  1. Amanda feels that she is an orphan enjoy making patterns over the sand with her hushed bare feet.
  2. When I visited Goa, I created beautiful patterns with my hushed bare feet on the beach.
  3. His hushed bare feet did not let anybody guess his entry into the hall.

Tranquil and rare Meaning

free from disturbance, stable, quiet and peaceful

How do you use tranquil and rare in a sentence?

  1. Amanda says that she wants to live in a tower to enjoy the tranquility and avoid her parent’s constant nagging.
  2. The Naturopathy centre is a tranquil site away from the noisy and polluting city life.
  3. The Khajuraho temples are tranquil and rare.

Sulking Meaning

to refuse to speak or smile because you are angry about something and you want people to know that.
किसी से रूठना, नाराज़ होना

How do you use Sulking in a sentence?

  1. Amanda’s mother shouted at her to stop sulking at once and be in a happy mood.
  2. Boys believe that girls tend to sulk on petty issues.
  3. He is sulking in his room because his mother refused to give him more chocolates.

Orphan Meaning

a child whose parents are dead
अनाथ, ऐसा बच्चा जिसके माँ-बाप मार चुके हैं

How do you use Orphan in a sentence?

  1. Amanda says that she is an orphan who can roam in the streets without anyone nagging her.
  2. First and second wave of Covid 19 made many children orphan.
  3. Nobody takes care of the orphans in the society.

Nagging Meaning

to irritate someone with repeated orders, requests or complaints
टोका – टाकी करना, किसी के काम में बार बार कमी निकालना

How do you use Nagging in a sentence?

  1. Amanda is so irritated by her parent’s contonuous nagging that she wishes to be an orphan to experience freedom.
  2. Too much nagging can turn children to revolt.
  3. The maid left her job because she disliked the lady’s ever increasing nagging.

Distressing Meaning

extreme level of stress and tension, the state of being very upset or of suffering great pain or difficulty
बहुत अधिक दुख, अत्यधिक पीड़ा या कष्ट

How do you use Distressing in a sentence?

  1. Amanda was distressed by the curtailment of her freedom.
  2. The outbreak of Covid pandemic distressed the whole world for almost two years.
  3. Perfection, sometimes, leads to distress.

Socially acceptable Manner Meaning

manners or etiquettes accepted by society, certain behavioural patterns or body language considered right by most people
सोसाइटी में स्वीकार की जाने वाली बातें और हरकतें

How do you use socially acceptable manners in a sentence?

  1. Amanda’s mother wants her to behave in a socially acceptable manner.
  2. High class people are always concerned about society and socially acceptable manner.
  3. Unlike girls boys with nail prints are not socially acceptable.

Fed up Meaning

get irritated or angry over something that is happening repeatedly
किसी बात या काम के बार बार होने से तंग आ जाना या चिढ़ जाना

How do you use fed up in a sentence?

  1. Amanda was fed up of constant nagging and instructions.
  2. I can no more bear your lies, I am just fed uo of this habit of yours.
  3. People are fed up of fake journalism that they have stopped relying on news.

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