Impact of lockdown on Students and other People

What is Lock down 2020?

Nobody ever imagined that life could turn like this. Despite being most countries democratic, people are forced to live inside their homes. The basic freedom given to us by our constitutions is taken back from us. Nobody is free to move. If anyone is found breathing in open air he is beaten by the police and imposed with heavy penalties. What has forced all the governments to take this dictator style decision. Why are people all over the world simultaneously forced to live a completely altered life during lock down 2020.

Essay on Impact of lockdown and Coronavirus on Students and other people

With the outbreak of covid 19 the world was locked down. The fast paced life came to a standstill. Covid 19, a disease caused by Corona Virus, started in China initially and spread all over the globe. All were helpless because the medical fraternity could not invent its antidote. So, the safest and the only option seemed was world lock down. All the national and international borders were sealed. Some countries announced 3-6 months stay at home order while others declared complete lock down in phases.

People, businesses, and governments around the world have changed the way they spend, move, communicate and travel because of COVID-19. Let’s see how the life has changed during lock down period. Did the lock down alter our life for better?

Essay on Lockdown in India

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi announced country lock down on 21st march 2020 for 21 days. Later it got extended for more and more days. As Indians are notorious for not following the rules, everyone expected it to last for 3-4 days. But the story was different this time. Police drove away the people who ventured on roads by giving physical punishments and charging fines. Covid 19 triggered lockdown brought a significant change in the life of all.

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Essay on Impact of Lockdown on Students

This disease has affected all segments of the population. And students are no exception. In India, lock down was announced just at the time when CBSE exams were going on. Students of 10th and 12th class got stuck in the middle.National level entrance exams had to be postponed.Generally, months of March and April are very crucial for students preparing for these papers. The pandemic has diverted their focus. It has created an atmosphere of anxiety and depression among some students and parents.

Seeing from other angle, Children  were the happiest creature in the world after the announcement of lock down. But due to the setting up of virtual classrooms their happiness did not last long. Now regular classes were going on with no escape from home assignments. However, they learned a new way of education.

Although, schools and coaching institutes have started online classes. The devices required for attending virtual classrooms are not accessible to all in India. It might create a burden on students’ psychology.

Effect on Senior citizens

The government officials appealed the elderly people to stay inside home during the period of lockdown. According to doctors adults were more vulnerable to corona virus. Morning walks and evening strolls were their only way to bring some movement in their stiff bodies. This curtailment left them immobile. But they got the company of all the family members who were otherwise too busy to talk to them. Board games and mythological serial telecast on national television came to their rescue.

Impact of lockdown on Women

A lockdown increases the burden of household work for all families.  While all the domestic helpers were stranded at home, there was no one to share the increased household chores. Women have to complete this domestic work unproportionately. In Indian families nobody is empathetic towards the mental and physical health of women due to the increased work load.

Impact of lockdown on Men

Men are the most deeply affected victim of this pandemic. Most of the men leave their homes in the morning to complete the task of bread earning for the family. They spend their whole day outside the house. Lockdown has put them inside the four walls of house which they are not accustomed to. The absence of professional life is making them sick. Some are lucky to do their work from home with the help of computers.

With the extensions in lock down they are adapting to enjoy this altered version of life. Playing online ludo and tambola is a common scene in every house. Some gentlemen are trying their hands on cooking to share a story on Instagram. Watching movies and web series, growing beard is more a compulsion than a hobby. Sharing basic household work to cheer their better halves makes their bonding even stronger.

Conclusion: Impact of lockdown and coronavirus on people Essay

Today, humans are in the cages to save themselves from highly contagious disease covid 19. We were so much blind folded in the race of development that we neglected our spouse, our family, our culture, our environment. We were urgently in a need for some change. But no body knew that the change would appear like this in the disguise of Corona Virus.

This period of crisis and global volatility is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we should utilise it thoughtfully and productively.

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AlteredChanged, modified, revised
ImposedTo force someone to accept something
SimultaneouslyAt the same time/ moment
Stand-stillTo remain motionless
VenturedDare to do something
EmpatheticUnderstand and sahre the feelings of another
AccustomedHabitual, common, routine

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