Class 10 English Ch 1 A Letter to God Competency-Based MCQ

CBSE in collaboration with SAS (Shri Aurobindo Society) and ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) has prepared this resource material for class 10 in February 2022 which is a compilation of assessment items in English that are aligned with the CBSE curriculum. These tasks based on authentic real-life situations focus on developing critical understanding among learners in the discipline. Essayshout is just republishing these questions (without violating any copyrights) here for the benefit of students and teachers and it is absolutely free for all

Curriculum Aligned Competency Based Test Items
Class 10 – First Flight
Unit 1 – A Letter to God

Class 10 English Ch 1 Question Answer First Flight

1 Lencho’s actions in the first paragraph show that he was _________.

C. Concerned
B. Alarmed
D. Encouraged
A. Baffled

ANS: Concerned

2 Was Lencho’s prediction of the weather accurate? Give reasons for your answer.

ANS: Yes, Lencho’s prediction was correct as he expected good rain that was needed for his cornfield and it rained a lot.


ANS: No, Lencho’s prediction about the weather was wrong because he expected good rain whereas in reality there was heavy rain with snowfall that spoiled his cornfields.

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3 Why are locusts mentioned in the text?

A. To show how unpredictable farming can be
B. To compare this event to a past experience
C. To suggest that God was playing a role in the events
D. To indicate how much damage was done to the crops

ANS: D. To indicate how much damage was done to the crops

4 Lencho was an ox of a man, working like an animal in the fields, but still, he knew how to write. What attitude does this sentence highlight?

A. Prejudice
B. Tolerance
C. Scepticism
D. Appreciation

ANS: A. Prejudice

5 Why is Lencho compared to an ox?

A. To suggest that people underestimated him
B. To show how hard he worked
C. To insult his intelligence
D. To emphasise his size

ANS: D. To emphasise his size

6 What was the family’s attitude the night after the hailstorm?

A. Frustrated
B. Optimistic
C. Confident
D. Furious

ANS: B. Optimistic

7 How did the postman feel when he found the letter?

A. Amused
B. Amazed
C. Generous
D. Sympathetic

ANS: A. Amused

8 Why did Lencho call the post office employees crooks?

ANS: Lencho believed they took a part of the money sent by God to him.

9 Lencho’s response to the first letter shows that his faith in God can be best described as_________________.

A. Shaken
B. Evolving
C. Absolute
D. Newly discovered

ANS: C. Absolute

10 After reading the second letter the postmaster is most likely to have been _____________.

A. Alarmed
B. Offended
C. Distressed
D. Bewildered

ANS: B. Offended

Source: CBSE

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